Thursday, June 11, 2009

Designing game system

I like rpg's obviously, and like them more than just playing. My dream is to make my own gaming system. You know, like crafting something for own fun and hobby. I have had several tries to do something, but they all didn't work out. But now, I had this great idea of rpg-system what I want to do relly! I made it basically quite easy to develop and also flexible. Let me explain more.

For first, there is this basic and core of the game. Generic system, like GURPS for example (or D20/True20 in the way). For first I write the most basic of the basic rules for that game and then can add (what I call) templates to it when feel inspired or get ideas (not to mention time ofcourse).

For example, I got this basic rules for my game, but can make templates like Advanced fighting, mentality rules, magic rules etc. etc. aswell as settings, monsters, item lists... what ever I please! My main idea is flexible core-system, what you can develope, build and make expansions as much as you please.

I want also character creation to be flexible. There will be two options, dices or divide. You can randomly throw dices for stats and skills, or assign them as you please. Or mix the two methods (dices for stats but assign for skills or vice versa).

As I have lately played only game systems what need only one type of die (Prador D6, WoD D10, True20 D20 etc.) I wanted to add a bit of oldschool and gaming aspect and decided to use all dices between D4 to D20. What can be more fun than throw dices when rolePLAYING? Still, I want to keep things simple and fast, dices just give that nice extra flavour to game (still I think as rules are flexible for add-ons you can make it more complicated, if wanted).

I have this far sketched following:
  • Attributes (total 7 of them)
  • Skills system
  • Basic idea of game mechanics
  • Basic idea of character creation
  • Really really starting to figure out health system, but getting there
  • Basic idea of combat and damage
  • Idea of resolving tasks using skills and attributes
Generally, the frames for game are sketched already, now just need to start to write it out, get some testing for it first personally and after it share it with trusted people to try out also.

I hope this thing works out, because this system gives me flexibility and time, as I am not trying to make any 400-pages manual with setting and all, but making this one project from pieces, templates and add-ons.

I am quite excited about this!

And I also got name for it! Just don't share it yet.

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