Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AFMBE - It's a shame

I started AFMBE scenario with lots of enthusiasm. As I have told before, I had lots of inspiration from various zombie-movies and the book itself is really inspiring. But unfortunately, my player didn't buy it. We played around 3 short sessions, and after it the game withered. I couldn't get player to continue it.

I think the setting itself wasn't that bad at all, but the player isn't that big for the zombie-action. She enjoys zombie movies, but gaming a zombie movie didn't turn her on. So sadly, no All Flesh Must Be Eaten for me.

I tried to plan it to be quite short game, but still. I personally have lots of drive for running it, but if player doesn't enjoy it, then it wont happen.

So, after 3 short sessions my AFMBE scenario is frozen. I don't know if it is just temporary, or is it for good.
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