Sunday, March 14, 2010

1000 and 1 characters

Some time ago I saw this challenge at (cannot find the topic anymore), where idea was to create character to all games you own for your blog or what ever. I found it really cool idea. If you are a bit bored, this is fun way to get time to pass. I have thought about it some time, and liked to do it. Not necessarily to "officially" announce my share in, but for my own fun and challenge. Would be cool also, if I could illustrate the characters - even if the illustration would be kinda amateur-ish, it would definately add extra flavour for my challenge.

I was thinking, what game should I start with. Obvious option to start would most definately be Vampire: the Masquerade. I could do a character 3am in the morning after waked up without rulebook. But that would be a bit too easy.

I decided to start this with the game I am playing now, Fading Suns. Fading Suns is really cool game, and I suppose I haven't done ever a playing character, only npc's. So, in some day I will do a Fading Suns PC to this blog. With a picture (at the moment my scanner from stone age isn't working, so no idea how to transfer the picture to computer. Camera maybe?)

One thing to concider is what type of a character I would like to do. There is several options alone in core rulebook. You can do nobleman from several houses, a guilds member, religious church member, aliens like Ur-Ukar, Ur-Obun and Vorox, barbarians... I have to really give a thought about the character concept, what kind of character I'd like to actually play.

This wouldn't be a challenge, if I'd just simply stat characters. No, I think they need flesh and skin around their bones also.

If I would do a noble from a house, it would be from The House Decados. They are cool, evil, dark (atleast I have that kind of picture of them). In my image they are like Lasombra form Vampire: the Masquerade, or Peacekeepers from Farscape (especially Scorpius and Grayza even if Scorpius is halfbreed with Scarran).

From religious orders I would go with Temple Avesti. Really bad ass witch-hunter. With plasmapistol, vibrant blade, flamethrower, grenades. You get the picture. God(damn) battlemachine of the Lord.

Choosing from Guild would be a bit harder. Those all work good equally, but I think I would choose hot headed Charioteer pilot. Or cyber enchanted Engineer.

From aliens and others maybe Vorox. I have never introduced a single one barbarian, so it could be a challenge to create a character from.

So, as you can see. There are many options for me to choose, what also I find very interesting. I need to give a good thought for this, and be back in business shortly. With a character for Fading Suns.

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