Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hearing and sharing - RPG blogs is one great site. There is great collection of rpg blogs, and sometimes you can spend hours reading other people's thoughts. And you can even interact with them.

One thing I like about blog over forums is, that forum is ment for public discussion. Forum is not best place to put your thoughts on paper (so to speak) and think about something, what is important for you. It is not good start for profilic discussion.

But in blog, you basically first write down your thoughts. What you are thinking and planning. Then you post your diary note on internet for other people to see it. What is good about it, other people can also comment to it.

So, blog is interactive diary. You can talk about things what matter to you, are interesting to you, or you want to share. People can read it, get ideas, get discussions going. You can get new points of view and suggestions.

There are many rpg forums in the world. Some bigger, some smaller. And many rpg forums have their own clique of registered users, and many prefer their "own" forum what they are used to check out. (Ofcourse there are people who are users in several forums).

But in blogs you can view another's thoughts about your interests and hobby, get ideas, or even enlighten the original writer of post. You can meet new people all around the world without need to register into forums to do so. Just check out lists in rpg blogger, start reading some cool article, comment if you want. Sometimes (I am happy to be also part of that) some of your blogs start to look like discussion forums around their commentary!

I got my "own home forum", what I like most and use the most. But basically I "know" everyone there. I know what they like, and what their (internet) persona is like. But here, I can hear new points of views from new people without trouble. And I can share my own views on (appreciation for awesome or awe-inspiring) posts.

So, thumbs up for rpg bloggers. You have made my day several times. Thank you for keeping this great service up, and thank you other rpg bloggers for making this hobby more interesting with your personal, fresh thoughts.
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