Thursday, March 10, 2011

Changes on Cradle of Rabies blog

If this is not your first time visiting here, and you remember this blog, you immediately noticed that colors are changed. I like dark and black, but for my opinion last template with black backgrounds, white texts and red headers was a bit too heavy to read. And as everyone knows, light colors make the effect of more room.

I think, that this more white template and color setting blog doesn't look so stuffy anymore.

Also you see the header. Originally it was a huge wall of tl;dr manifest about what roleplaying games and -gaming is. I think, that people who visit here already know what roleplaying games are and roleplaying is, so I deleted it and added simple welcome note.

Also, I had 7 posts visible at the site what was too much. Decreased it to 3. Not so darn long page anymore and more clear on blog texts.

I had some Google Advertisement also for some reason, but hated it. Made changes to it. In some posts I will still Include link about the product in question. Easy to find legal picture (and hoping that someone will order the product from that link -> profit).

One thing I have always hated was my Labels. I cannot find a good labeling system what I find good. So, again... new labeling and this I find pretty good.

New labels are at the moment (new will follow same formula):

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