Thursday, July 14, 2011

I need some equipment to be able to write while in bed

This post is about moments of inspiration mixed with generally being lazy and wanting maximum comfort.

I do have a tabletop computer, but sometimes I just don't want to sit at desk. It is not the nicest position and especially after a long day I want to be in comfortable position. Even my urge to write this blog or continue one of my projects is not strong enough that I would always sit there.

But I also have a laptop but there are two problems. Usually in evenings my girlfriend is using it surfing internet or watching videos as I do something else like read. Even though that was available for me it is way too big, heavy and clumsy to be used comfortably in bed. Also big problem is the heat. It's got enough already so I don't need extra sources of heat in the bed.

I do have also this Nokia N82 with unlimited internet access, but the buttons are really uncomfortable. They are small and hard and keeping this mobile phone in hand while writing makes every single inch of my hands hurt. I can surf internet and write short posts with this but creative writing doesn't sound good idea. Also this is a bit slow to operate and when I write I want all the stuff from my brains out as fast as possible and I want my ideas to flow freely into text and edit it later.
I could write some simple notes down and write them better later when on PC but for that purpose old good pen and notebook works better (I gotta buy a notebook!)

I also have old but working Pentium 2 300Mhz in working condition I could put in bedroom. But I'd need some small screen next to bed. Not too clumsy looking. Not sure are there small 11" or something LCD screens what would work with that old times. Also cordless keyboard and mouse would be a must. Don't want extra cords next to bed only because I get inspiration when tired and lazy. But this is an idea I could consider. One problem is though that current OS installed is Windows XP and it is way too slow. Tried to install Ubuntu but the PC isn't powerful enough. Need to find some light but easy to use possibly Linux based OS for it first.

So, should I just go old school and buy a nice set of different color pens and a notebook or should I start to tune my ancient Pentium into bed(room) word processor? Or should I try to make short notes with there horrible buttons of N82 risking the health of my wrists (because of work I have had minor wrist problems)?
If I just had a notebook I'd start to write some fun stuff for my YDIN setting. Computers seem to be too dominant today as I am short of paper.

I'll check now what kind of options this mobile phone provides for text writing, then maybe write a thing or two and continue reading
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