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YDIN character creation, Candy Storm

My online friend likes name Candy Storm, and I couldn't but help thinking about a concept about a stripper from Quentin Tarantino styled movie. Sexy, beautiful, agile but lethal. I decided to create character Candy Storm for YDIN.

So here is detailed character creation for imaginary character, Candy Storm.

Background Details

I only got name for this character, and idea about Quentin Tarantino movie like setting. I also feel, that Sin City could be great style for the city Candy Storm is living in. Ruthless and brutal where law is not better than criminals. Streets are violent and you have to be tough to survive.
Candy Storm couldn't find a good job, so she decided to give a try to be a stripper. She is good looking and her physique is great. But she didn't like how all the big clubs are. Corrupted and ran by bad people. She found this small club which owner is kind person but the problem is rough area. Luckily she's raised in bad neighborhood and knows how to survive.

Rules For Character Creation

You can find simple generic sketch for character creation in this blog here:
I use it and modern setting skills found here:

Those are just basic examples and may be different in detailed settings. Those are there to give some idea of how YDIN works and are also a tool to create example character in modern setting.


I've used this far "divide points" method, what is basically point buy. Now I'll try "roll the dice". I roll D6 six times and assign the results in attributes I want to. I don't have dice in hand at the moment, so I will use Hamete virtual dice server found here.
Results for 6D6 roll are: 2, 4, 1, 3, 3, 3 what I will assign to Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Intelligence, Perception and Charisma.

Candy is agile person, so I will put the 4 to dexterity. Charisma, perception and intelligence are important for her, so I will put 3's on those. 2 to stamina as she is an exotic dancer and 1 to strength as her build is not big.
So the attributes are the following:

  • Strength 1
  • Dexterity 4
  • Stamina 2
  • Intelligence 3
  • Perception 3
  • Charisma 3
Secondary Attributes

Secondary attributes are based on attributes and are the following:

  • Health points 12
  • Wound points 3
  • Wounds 2
  • Defense 3
  • Mental points 20

20 points to buy skills. Third skill level costs 4 points. I choose from skills list the following:

  • Pistols 2
  • Hand to hand combat 2
  • Dodge 2
  • Acrobatics 3
  • Common knowledges 1
  • Empathy 2
  • Fast-tongue 2
  • Performing 3
  • Sneaking 2
  • Survival urban 2
  • Vehicles light & medium 1

Hobbies are some extra outside from skills list what are treated like skills. They give additional twist for character and what she can do. 5 points to spend similarly to buying skills. Her hobbies are:

  • Seduce 2
  • Exotic dancing 2
  • Rhythm ear 1

Gifts are special abilities what help out in certain situations. 3 points to share on gifts and power of gift determines the price.

  • No means no 1 (1 positive modifier to refuse)
  • Quick escape 1 (1 positive modifier to initiative when escaping)
  • Sexy 1 (1 positive modifier to outlook related tasks)

I wont use any skill list now, or buy equipment with character's credits (credits are the value, not actual price in currency). But I will assign free items based on character's skills and hobbies.

  • .22 pistol and ammo for 2 clips (skill pistol)
  • Pretty gloves with hard details, +1 to hand-to-hand damage (skill hand-to-hand combat)
  • All outfits sexy or not don't restrict movement (skills dodge, acrobatics and sneak)
  • Book How to understand feelings (empathy 2)
  • Lady bag full of items (maybe for distraction while talking, skill fast-tongue)
  • Sexy outfits and decorations for show (1 positive modifier for shows, skill performing, exotic dancing)
  • Rape alarm (skill survival urban)
  • Great perfume (seduce)
Candy Storm also has 25 credits to buy additional equipment or convert to cash (depending on setting details and item list. Starting wealth can also determine initial standard of living).


It doesn't take long to "roll your character" but the additional details like hobbies, gifts and equipment based on skills might take some time as they are determined by player. In setting there might be ideas of hobbies, gifts and equipment to choose from but the point is that player can personalize the character with these steps.

It took around 10-15 minutes to create Candy Storm from a scratch. Of course initial character concept might take from few minutes to days to come up with depending on player and his idea for character, but actual mechanical character creation doesn't take much time. Just determine the attributes attributes sharing points or rolling, buy skills with points and rest is tweaking and using imagination and ideas.

I am quite pleased how fast core character creation is, but it needs some additional thinking from player to make character unique. Every character will be unique thanks to freedom to choose hobbies and gifts.

Next post right after this will be how totally new person to roleplaying games created his first p&p character ever using YDIN. It is really interesting how he managed to make the character even though there are some freedom to create character and some parts you need to use your own ideas.
Read next post to find out, how it happened!

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