Friday, September 9, 2011

Twitter, updated YDIN logo and YDIN talk

I can now be found at Twitter. @Thaumiel_Nerub. Basically I will use my Twitter for roleplaying and Cradle of Rabies related tweets and to follow interesting people in roleplaying hobby.

I also made a quick new logo for my YDIN to use for my Twitter profile picture. It looks like this:

I have had trouble coming up with a good catchphrase. I have puzzled with it for some time trying to come up with something really cool. Everything sounded silly or clumsy.

When I started to create my Twitter profile picture I made box with even sides. Wrote YDIN and saw a big black space. Then I wrote what first came in my mind.

One core - Unlimited possibilities

And that's exactly what I am working with. One very basic rules you need to play. Character creation and mechanics. That's YDIN (Finnish word for core).
When you have the core, you can make unlimited setting specific rules. You can add magic, super powers, psychic powers, monsters, gadgets, special setting rules like fear or insanity... Everything.

You can also mix and match. If you have this sourcebook with different or advanced wounding system, you can use it with the other sourcebook with magic system. Or you can make your own house-rules and own systems to use with YDIN.

I am trying to build YDIN core in the way that it is easy to use with different setting specific variations and extra rules. Character creation for example is quick. Basically rolling, point assigning and small calculations take less than half an hour and in normal character creation you can already customize your character with your own imagination if you like. There is no skill what you want? No worries. With hobbies you can include them. Want special talents (gifts in game term) but you have a better idea than provided in list(s)? Make up your own. Starting equipment, you decide some before you buy from inventory list(s).

It is really versatile system to customize your character but still simple and it doesn't consume time.

That's what I want to do. Basic core system what I use as a base when I create things. One system to rule them all. But what if you do like some ideas or settings? Do what you do with all the other roleplaying games! Custom, house-rule, or use different system!

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