Friday, May 25, 2012

God who answers

In some devastating situations or long periods of misery one might fall apart and yell: "God, why me!" But does he know what god does that for him? The one he worships or one of the other gods? And what the God who has caused all the agony wants in exchange for things to turn change better?

This random table tells who is the god who answers.

Roll d20 For The God Who Answers

1 - Krockquar, the Frog God of gluttony and greed. Krockquar looks like a giant bloated frog with greasy foodstains all over its chin. In the other small hand he has golden trident and in the other hand a roast. It does speak with croaking voice. Krockquar wants sacrifice of 200 lbs of food of great quality (something Emperors would enjoy).

2 - Emerald King, the God of prisoners and lost hope. Emerald King is wearing ragged clothes under his many chains. His skin is pale and bald head faceless. Numerous scars cross his body. Emerald King wants ten slaves for character to enslave to his temple to serve.

3 - Lady of the Leaf, the Natural God of trees, grass and joy. She is nymph-like beautiful creature covered in green fresh leaves. Lady of the Leaf wants character to stop orcs (or orc like barbarian humans) from hacking his sacred forest.

4 - Aethateinos, the God of hidden secrets and forbidden knowledge. Aethateinos manifests as a huge silver key surrounded by a black hole. Aethateinos wants 10 unique books of knowledge to be added into his library-temple.

5 - Daron Morden, the God of forsaken Elves. Daron is twisted chaos tainted elf staning 10 feet long wearing purple rope with black laces. He holds scythe of eternal hate. Daron Morden wants character to help forsaken Elves to revenge those who forsake them.

6 - Harshow, the God of those fallen in a battle. Harshow manifests as a crow with bright red eyes. Hahrshow wants character to build a shrine to an ancient battlefield.

7 - Todd Silverstring, the God of laughs and music. Todd looks like a jester with four faces in each direction of head. Every face has it's own permanent expression of different moods. Tod Silverstring wants character to arrange a great festival in honor of him.

8 - Mara Shar, the God of sharks and mantis'. Mara Shar manifests in a dream where character feels like drowning but before death a great shark appears speaking. Mara Shar wants character to feed predators of the sea with 10 people.

9 - Duruk the Dark One, God of darkness and secrets. Duruk manifests as a darkness surrounding character. Duruk the Dark One wants one great and dangerous secrets to be revealed and a big city to be darkened for one night.

10 - Grey Hare, the God of quarry. Grey Hare looks like big grey hare with intelligent blue eyes. Grey Hare wants character to catch 10 different spieces of game and sacrifice them ritualistically in the honor of him.

11 - Elzara, the God of paintings and memories. Elzara is a beautiful lady in light blue nightgown. Elzara wants character to paint 10 paintings in honor of her.

12 - Termereas, the God of sleepless nights and sunrises. Termereas manifests as a black horse with hooves and mane in blue fire. Termereas wants character to stay awake for 7 nights in a row.

13 - Magaro, the God of worms and maggots. Magaro is humanoid shape of squirming worms and maggots. Magaro wants 10 fresh corpses for flies to lay eggs.

14 - Shilieth, the God of great sacrifices. Shilieth is old one-handed man with ragged clothes and sad looking face. Shilieth wants character to sacrifice something of his body; an eye, nose, ear, hand what ever character sacrifices.

15 - God of No Gods. The God of no Gods is God who doesn't believe in gods. He has no physical appearance and he communicates as a voice in head. Character must destroy 3 shrines, temples or other similar of three different gods.

16 - Lord Barakkus, the God of wealth and betrayal. Lord Barakkus is bearded comely man with a decorated armor and jewelry. He has dagger in his belt dripping blood eternally. Lord Barakkus wants character to gain 1000 GP by betrayal, fraud and by cheating.

17 - Tserappio, the God of traps and snares. Tserappio looks like craftman with twinkle in his eye. His fingers are like different tools. Tserappio want character to build traps where 10 different people step.

18 - Alcros, the God of bloodsuckers and parasites. Alcros is a pale gentleman with dark clothing and a marble walking cane. Alcros wants character to feed himself to near death for various bloodsuckers (vampires, vampire bats, leeches, mosquito etc.)

19 - Lay Ilsa, the God of good deeds and compassion. Lady Ilsa wears white gown and her face is friendly even though she constantly cries small tears of pearl. Lady Ilsa wants character to show ultimate compassion for 10 people.

20 - Ogrimac the Slayer, Dwarven God of giant slaying. Ogrimarc looks like dwarven warrior with silver armor and huge two-handed warhammer. Ogrimac wants character to slay a giant in his name.

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