Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Knots of destiny

Picture from Wikipedia
In old superstitious fishing village there's an old woman who people claim to be a witch. She is told to be good at fortune telling. His method is to give 3 feet rope and ask his customer to tie knots. "One or more will do", she instructs and waits until the knots are tied. Then she reads the fortune from knots.

Ask player to describe you the knots. How many, are all the same or different kinds of and how tight the knots are. Those are the keys witch uses to see the future.

Number Of Knots
1 - Secure
2 to 3 - Insecure
4 or more - Surprising

Tightness Of The Knots
Most of them tight - Danger
Equally tight and loose - Unexpected
Most of them loose - Prosperity

Roll d10 To See What Is The Prediction About
1 - Treasure
2 - Knowledge
3 - Monstrous encounter
4 - Wilderness
5 - City
6 - Children
7 - Wizard
8 - Nobleman
9 - Animals
10 - Life threatening situation

It is up to Referee to interpret the results.

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