Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some fantasy equipment when I couldn't get sleep

Last night I had trouble getting sleep. I wanted to try to focus on something instead of just thinking and stressing about dozens of things. What I started to think about was fantasy equipment. These I was thinking when I tried to get some sleep:

Weapon stats are really simple and suit well for any edition of D&D including various clones.

Knuckles Of Weakening
Knuckles of weakening are nasty looking with devilish carvings and dull spikes. They were crafted for slavemaster Harrington to make too strong and rebellious slaves easier to handle.

Damage: 2d4+d6
Special: Every 5 points worth of damage victim looses 1 point of CON.

Biter Sword
Biter sword is Lich king Maradukai's personal weapon crafted from enchanted bones. The blade has dozens of tiny mouths that bite when sword hits.

Damage: 1d8
Special: Additional damage d4 for a number of even result of 1d8 damage. For example 1d8 roll 6 deals 6 damage + 6d4 in addition.

Helmet Of Screamer
This metal helmet is crafted to resemble a harpy. It gives 1 to AC and once in encounter wearer can scream.
Special: Scream. Save versus or stun for 1d4 turns.

Mace Of Healing
This mace is in shape of healer god's logo. It doesn't inflict damage but when successfully hit it heals 1d8 damage. If hit is a miss, target suffers 1d8 damage.

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