Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Other options for turn undead

The Looney DM posted about turn undead in his blogpost. His point was whatever cleric's deity is he is always carrying turn undead power. But there might be a solution to customize this power.

Thanks for The Looney DM for finding proper art first!
Art from GIS for Turn Undead
Base rule for turn undead is that you get an amount of HD you can turn. If we keep that in mind we can customize this power for other clerics of other deities. Let's just keep in mind that there's always the HD what tells how many things you can affect! Also the time turn is in effect is the effect other clerical abilities from different deities are in effect.

Cleric Of Undead Or Necromantic Deity
Instead of turn undead cleric has power to control undead. Handle controlled undead like retainers... but without free will.

Cleric Of Illusion Deity
Instead of turn undead cleric has a power to create an illusion. The HD determines how many npcs and monsters are affected. Keep in mind that mindless creatures cannot "see" or be affected with illusions (use illusion spell for frame).

Cleric Of War Deity
Instead of turn undead cleric can raise morale for his party members up to HD. Raise morale gives +1 to both AB and AC for the time turn undead would otherwise be in effect.

Cleric Of Peaceful Deity
Instead of turn undead cleric can calm enemies up to HD. Calmed enemies stop attacking the party for the turn undead time. Chatic evil, demonic and such entities cannot be affected without spending double HD for each.

Only few examples to work with other powers from the deity except turn undead.


Looney said...

These are some good suggestions about changing up the turn undead ability.

Heikki Hallamaa said...

In the next home campaign I'll run cleric will turn devils and demons instead of undead. Instead of destroying them at higher levels, they'll banish them.

Heikki Hallamaa said...

In the next home campaign I run clerics wont turn undead, instead they'll turn demons and devils and instead of destroying them, they'll banish them.