Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[MF] Joni Rampe is dead

Here's a NPC I created to accompany player character in her journeys. Meet Joni Rampe. Young hothead living in a secure village who wanted to experience the hazardous world. That happened and it didn't end well.

Joni Rampe and character Cassandra left Siikainen to track the sick people who tried to get into Siikainen. There's this horrible disease what kills people. No cure.

They move to the east and encounter some giant weazels. Joni Rampe wanted to test his shooting skills but Cassandra thought it's best just to keep going. Next they find a secured area with really suspicious people, but buy a horse for Joni so they can travel faster (Cassandra is android capable to transform into an unicorn). They keep traveling until they get to a crossing.

North and south are the directions the sick most probably went so they decide to split. Cassandra goes south and Joni north.

Cassandra finds an old farm where there are sick people inside. One comes out and seems to be in good condition, immune possibly. They talk and Cassandra notices movement in the outhouse and decides to check it out. When she turns around the guy he talked to attack her and hits her with a shovel. Being an android shovel says "clonk" but Cassandra registers "ouch".

One armored guy with shield made of car door and a board with nails as a club storms out. She sees that inside the outhouse someone goes upstairs. Cassandra turns and kicks the guy who hit her with the shovel. The guy whimpers and falls down incapacitated (0 HP, not dead but out of the combat). The armored man attacks and they share hits when from the upstairs someone starts shooting with a rifle.

Two against one. One in melee and another shooting, Cassandra dashes back and takes the incapacitated shoveler to be a shield. Attackers calm down as they don't want to hurt their buddy.

Some talking and Cassandra leaves. The plan of those three healthy uninfected guys was to head on to the east and burn the building with their sick companions.

That is solved, so Cassandra goes back to the crossing to wait for Joni. Joni doesn't come back as they planned and Cassandra decides to go to search for him.

North there is Honkacenter, a big trading place. It was hard to find a missing person in the crowd but with a help of waiter-android and some guards it seems that Joni wasn't there. In the east there was a fortress Cassandra was turned around immediately. And no Joni there.

She gets a hint that maybe Joni went to the west and Cassandra heads there. She finds Joni's horse in a horrible condition. It spasms on the ground and a fifth leg is growing from its belly. Cassandra finishes the poor and suffering animal.

Not far away there is Joni horribly mutated and suffering. Cassandra kills Joni as there is nothing she could do to help him but ease his suffering. Nearby is a tree with twisted human face on it. The tree is slow and it's branches have thorns what dribble poison. Cassandra realizes, that the mutant tree's poisonous sap causes horrible mutations what slowly kill. Time to turn into an unicorn and gallop away!

Player's doodle of what happened. The mutant plant wasn't there, but it's a nice little detail.

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