Friday, April 12, 2013

[Mutant Future] Critical combat hits!

Last time I played Mutant Future, I pulled these out of my hat:

Now playing again, and wanted combat more lethal. In Mutant Future characters have more HP than in your average old-school game. Starting HP is HD x STA (roll HD equal your Stamina value). You don't get extra HP every level though, it's random what you get when you level up...

Anyways, this would work with any other game also using D20 (and why not any other game what works somehow similarly).

Critical Hits

  1. When you roll highest result on your damage die (for example 1d8 damage result 8) roll again and add together. Also known as "explosive die".
  2. If you roll same number you need to hit (Thac0 stuff), you get x2 damage. This is a critical hit. So if you need 13 to hit your opponent, you hit him good. Weapon damage 1d8+1 would be 2d8+2.
  3. Natural 20 always hits and in addition you get an extra attack to same opponent!

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