Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Playing "Tähti" in msn

I announced some time ago in to seek game testers for game Tähti, what I am intended to review and got total of four players to sign in. Only two of them actually played today. It was quite good actually that no more players involved as Tähti is game where characters are in focus. It might have been a bit of a mess with more players.

In general, game went quite well. Players got their role of teenage girl pop-stars well and played their character nicely. There is not so much importance in game mastering the game as there is in players making the story.

I have to say, even if Tähti in the first place is not my type of game, I enjoyed that session. It went well, was quite fun and good for one shots. I planned this game to four scenes and thought one scene lasts about an hour, so we could play whole setting in two days. Still, this first scene took about 2 hours in total with talking pre-game. Tomorrow we are going to play again, and try to get those 3 last scenes through.

Playing table top games via msn is great. You can play with new people basically all over the world and with new people. It doesn't differ too much from table top gaming what farp does. Msn based roleplaying is best for oneshots, but also campaings are possible.


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool!

I've noticed that Tähti has a tendency to just keep players playing. When I ran it as a long-term campaign, there were two full sessions where I hadn't really had time to prepare anything for the players. But they just kept it going, and decided to call this or that NPC, and all I had to do was react. (Of course, it took some effort to get to this point, and afterwards I had to be more proactive again.)

Unknown said...

I had these scenes ready and used them as canvas. And actually players were the one who did paint the scene alive. I just basically let players to do what they wanted with their characters and let their characters have conversations. When it started to show marks of freezing, I added a small twist, new npc or something.
Feels like if players can get into their character, game runs by itself powered by characters.