Sunday, September 20, 2009

V:tM - From idea to character

In last post I posted that not so serious discussion about new Vampire-character, and actually after joking about it we took a bit more serious aspect on it and actually, kind of had an idea for new vampire few-shot (one shot with few sessions ;) )

So, character will be assasin, from clan Assamite. But game starts where she is held captive, and all her memories are wiped out. She has no idea what has happened, where she is etc. So, game basically starts like this cliche action movie, but it is the purpose of the game. Action and fun.

Character is Assamite, who cannot remember who she is, who did she work for, where she is or why is she held captive. I first thought, that basic Vampire character creation for starting characters is a bit too low. I wanted player to have this character, what is really a capable assasin and can easily kill like 10 normal mobs without even getting seriously hurt. So, I decided to add points to character sheet for the player as I saw how it will fit, not based on any pre-written amount of dots to spend.

I know, character is a bit overpowered, but if we start to play this capable assasin, she should be cool and tough and skillful character, not a noob. We aren't intended to start play from 13th generation starting noob, and play untill she has diablerised enough baddies (or good guys) to lower her generation and gained enough experience points for delivering packets to be capable killer. Nah, I wanted to start straight away from the fun part, not start playing pre-fun part (to develope character by missions/quests/what ever to get to fun part...)

I haven't yet calculated how much character is already worth of xp, but will do it. To be honest, character isn't yet fully ready, as I am reading currenlty Player's Guide to Sabbat (in book for some neat new disciplines, merits, paths and such stuff. So, after I find out is there some really neat stuff in that book I could use in this character and chronic, I'll calculate how much the character is worth of points.

When I storytell (game master, what ever) I usually don't plan that much for the game, but mere go with the flow. Game developes while playing it, it is not pre-written adventure I am reading for player(s). But this time, I thought I'd write or plan some kind of starting point and ending. But I will keep the rest a bit open, so there is several ways to go to the end. It will involve betraying, action, assasination, all the good stuff great movies are made of. I will watch some movies for inspiration, I think anime will be big part for that.
This is not going to be dead serious vampires sitting around table and talking all night long Camarilla politics. No, this will be assasination action play with all awesome and cool stuff, and yeah, there will be blood, and vampires. You know, like some stupid teenager's or anime nerd's wet dream. This won't be regular World of Darkness vampires, no, but this will be damn awesome anime styled bloody action! With vampires. And ninjas, and machine guns. This will be so awesome!

I am sure, that V:tM rules will work just fine for this game. Even, if V:tM rules has been quite much discussed about how good or broken they are, for me they are neat. One of best rules there is, I even like oWoD rules way much more than nWoD rules. Don't know why is that. Call me fanatic, call me stupid, but old World of Darkness rocks! And now I will see, what kind of will be to play awesome Vampire: the Masquerade, but put more awesomeness in it. It will be like, double-awesome!

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