Friday, February 4, 2011

Quick naming random NPC's

Sometimes it could feel like it's hard to come up with a name for NPC, but it is just really easy. Trick all Game Masters should know, or know already. What to do when you need quickly to name a NPC?

For modern or more realistic games easiest way is to take nearest rpg rulebook or sourcebook, look at the list of writers, pick random first name, random surname and combine.
Your rpg book is actually modern name generator allways available!

For fantasy settings or for stranger names look around. Read what you read, combine or alter text. And you got a name.

For example, I had to come up with a name for Prince's sheriff in Vampire: the Masquerade. I swept the room with my eyes and somewhere picked word "Adrian". Ok, that's good name. And surname? I had bag of snacks manufactured by "Crusti Crocks" and I liked the word "crusti". So, I got NPC sheriff Adrian Crusti. Simple.

Sometimes just mix few letter. I have Colin Forbes book next to me, NPC might be Folin Corbes in fantasy setting. Or I might mix and match letters more.
Colin Fobes. Bes.. lin. Beslin sounds good. Forcol? Nope. I taste sound Forcol in my mouth. Forcol, forcal, forcel, farcel, forceal... until I find name I like. So NPC could be Beslin Farcel.

I also see a magazine, and in the cover reads Tennis & Golf. Okay. Dennis Flog? Tennee golf... golf... lol... folf... folg... folf... Dennis Folf.

It of course is easier to find name for NPC when you know what he looks like. For Dwarven warrior Beslin Farcel wouldn't work that well. But what about, Colin Forbes... Folin Corbes yes, Folin Gorbe? Suits me.

Sometimes you can just change first letters from words. I have this Battery Energy drink can next to me, and it says "Limited Edition". Eimited Ledition? Sounds duffy, but let's continue tasting it for this elven archer. Elied? Yep. Elied sounds elvish enough. Elied Ledition? Elied Liedi?

If you want really goofy and tolkien-realistic names, just add ´'s and ^'s and what ever to name. Elied Liedi is not elven enough, but how about now, Elïed Liédi?

If you need weird demon, orc or other name, just say something twisting your mouth. "Broawgg?" Okay, I wrote it down what I sounded like. Broawg da ork boss. Broawg the badger demon? Suits me.

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