Friday, February 4, 2011

[V:tM] Nosferatu hideout

Sacrifices and occult activity? Or just a cover up to keep unwanted visitors away?

This is main passage to New Jersey's biggest Nosferatu lair. All the rumors about evil activity are actually just cover up stories and urban legends started by Nosferatu to keep unwanted mortal visitors away.

Some of the stories are true though.

Eerie feeling is caused by foul clan Nosferatu presence. Some people can sense the presence, some cannot.

The voices and screams are also true at some cases. Might be victims drained from blood, or distant yells from specimen human, ghoul and vampire species. Also if you travel too long these sewers and you confront a Nosferatu who is not capable or willing to just erase your memories, you might be made a warning example to other mortals not to enter.

Devil worshipping and sacrifices might be true or not. There might be some dark ancient Nosferatu rites going on even other kindreds in New Jersey aren't aware of. But if there were those, how could mortals know or even have a slightest hint about them. Most likely just rumors to scare mortals, but there might be a hint of truth in it.

Many layers, hidden passages and other make perfect sense in Nosferatu lair. It is not a secret that Nosferatu know the underground better than anyone else.

Some mortals do enter the passage curiously or thrill-seeking and most of them don't see anything before they are too scared or intimitated to back off. Some of them are purpously scared off. Some of them are taken in, feed on, or even killed.

If kindred enters the lair, he is well warned. If kindred does not take those warnings seriously, god mercy on his lost soul.


Anonymous said...

very weird that the guy introduced at 0:12 is named Ralph Tzimisce. perhaps he is a Bratovich ghoul who is exposing the Nosferatu lair to the media?

Unknown said...

Well spotted, anonymous.