Monday, July 26, 2010

How heroes kick multiple asses?

I use Dynasty Warriors console/PC game as an example. There are those normal enemy forces, what you kill whit few hits. And in one scenario, you can easily kill hundreds of them.

But how is it in rpg's? You kill few mobs one by one, hitpoint by hitpoint.

I have dreamed of making a game of legendary warriors, whose swordsmanship and battle skills cannot be compared with common folk and soldiers. Those, who run through battle field and swing their sword. Instead of taking 10 blows to one enemy, they kill 10 enemies with 10 blows. Fast and furious and deadly.

But how to make this work? Seriously, in rpg's combat usually is quite slow phased, and you don't get these situations, where in few turns hero character has cleared one room full of guards.

I am not aware, if there already is a rpg system what can handle mass combats. Where is one agains tens. Or hundreds.

I have a small idea though, what I am working out to make this happen. It is just idea, what I need to write down and test it.

I hope, some day my player can be asian warrior with a sword, who can run through the battle field to attack the main boss. And kill or wound several minions with less to no effort.

I think the concept of system I am working on could be universally adapted to any system, but I will also make it additional rule, or even legendary hero supplement(tm) for Ydin.
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