Thursday, July 29, 2010

YDIN N6 Mini beta 1 out there!

Yes, I have this main project of my own rpg system, but it is really time consuming, as I am making whole mechanics out of a scratch. So writing, calculating, thinking, giving current ideas out to evaluate and stuff. It is fun, but slow work.

So, I decided to do this mini version of Ydin. Basically it uses similar rules and is compatible with my main project. Only difference is, that I finished beta version of it already.

Basic rules contain 8 pages in pocketmod format, (check out here what pocketmod is) so it is quite compact system. Of course it cannot cover everything, but in different supplements there will be some extra rules.

With basic rules of Ydin N6 Mini beta 1 you can create your own character, do tasks and fight. Everything you actually need for simple game. And the size of it is very small. It can easily fit in your pocket or wallet.

Today I printed few copies of it and folded them. Looks really, really nice.

I haven't tested the rules in actual play, only in theory. And at the moment Ydin N6 Mini rules are only in finnish. You who have been following or reading my blog see, that my grammar in english is quite... unique. In the bad way. So if I'd like to get it translated to english, I'd need some outside help for it. But that is the problem I will deal in the future...

So, basically Ydin N6 Mini mechanics is this:
- You only use D6, but might need several of them
- Your character's attributes are the target number
- Your character's skill level is the amount of dice you throw
- You try to score lower than your attribute with any of the dice in your pool to success

There are also critical successes and catastrophical failures included in the system.

Characters have attributes, secondary attributes, skills and gifts. That's about it. Nothing too much.

Damage system is quite unique and works like task tests. Basically when you hit, you check weapon's damage. Damage is shown as power, what works like attribute and D what show's how many dice you throw. Every die resulting under weapon's pow is a damage. Every die is cumulative to total damage amount.
Using only D6's this makes nice variety for damage. For example hitting your target makes damage your character's power with D6 under the score indicating points damage made. Daggers are PO(wer)3D3, so you throw 3D6 and every score under weapon's PO is damage equal to result calculated together.
More powerful the weapon, bigger PO ie. success value weapon has. More powerful weapon more dice you roll.

In damage system character has two values. Normal hitpoints what decrease when damage is taken, and wound what decreases when hit is higher than character's wound value. So with smaller amount of damage character dies slower, but massive damage kills character faster.

Currently I am writing a post-apocalyptic setting with extra rules for example in combat. They will also be in pocketmod format with 8 small pages total, so there will be different booklet for every topic, like "clans", "equipment", "characters" etc.

Also the character sheet is small. I fitted four of them in single A4. So when you print out this one sheet, you will get totally 8 of character sheets. And using them, you got plenty of space on your gaming table, as sheets do't take much space.

So, Ydin N6 Mini is a small roleplaying game with lots of love from it's creator. And btw, that "N6" means "D6" in finnish. And as someone might know, word "ydin" is "core" in finnish.

Here is a couple of pictures:

Size compared to a lighter and a pen.

Character sheet (translated in english).

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