Saturday, July 31, 2010

I want to oldschool, now please.

Why, oh god why do I want to kill orcs and skeletons in a dungeon without wondering, why are those poor bastards there?
Why do I want to find old swords to trade for few copper pieces and candle jacks and diamonds to sell for money my character doesn't actually even need?
Why do I want to swing a sword and throw a dice to kill stuff because some random hooded dude at the inn told so?
Why I kill or find everything I am told to without hesitation?

I so much would like to oldschool right now. I don't care about what is the exact defination for "oldschool rpg", but what ever. I want a character. He is trü adventurer who will do everything he is asked for and what is worth gold and experience. He will be greedy and gross searching dead guy's pockets for extra dime. He will kill evil things, for example skeletons and goblins because... he is character and it's his function. He will get xp and money and better stuff. Also when he finds a chest, he will roll dice to see what's in there.

I want simple roleplaying game action, like it was almost 20 years ago when I was younger. Simple adventures and no questioning why would my character do that and such nonsense. Most rewarding of the game is to level up or find really neat magical sword, not to develope your character's feelings towards something. Mark it down or character sheet or it is nonsense.

I want that. I am generally not that kind of player, mere a bullshit-storyteller but hey, even I want to crash skulls and loot stuff sometimes!


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Nuurori said...

The main difference between old and new school is that in old school the character is just an vague avatar for YOU. It's more than less you who is exploring the depths of the AWESOME DRAGON DUNGEON.

In new school you tend to have carefully designed characters, knee deep in the background. In those games you as a player are more like an puppetmaster, watching from distance successes and hardships of your toon.