Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 and overview of 2010

Wow, year changed so fast I almost missed it and totally forgot to wish you all great rpg'ing new year and thank you all of last year!

I'd like to thank all who visited here, read my blogs, commented and gave cool hints and tips. Thank you guys and gals!

I am almost 30 now, and somehow it feels that even though years change, everything stays the same. When younger there was ofcourse school and every year you were closer to your goal of education (or getting rid of it) and so on. Today, I don't know, 2011 feels similar to 2009 actually.

Big notable difference is what new products are published. But I have to admit, I don't know what roleplaying games are planned to publish this year. There were some big names last year (Dresden Files, Dragon Age, Warhammer etc.). Let's see what this year brings for us gamers.

I started Vampire: the Masquerade Nosferatu campaign late 2010 and continued it this year. There is still one CoC homebrew campaign waiting from last Halloween to play. Those are what I know I will play. Others will be based on mood and ideas.

2010 was remarkable in my roleplaying history. It was first time when I DM'ed D&D 3rd edition and I liked it. Last year there was also two reasonable long campaigns (around ten and less than twenty campaigns) and one long (over 150 sessions). Wow, did I play almost 200 evenings last year?

For my WoD collection last year was also good. I got sourcebooks for V:tM, corebook and sourcebooks for W:tA, M:tAs and H:tR. In one year I got many oWoD books I have wanted for years! Do I get Wraith and Changeling: the Dreaming this year? Or even Mummy? Let's hope. I also had several other cool rpg books, few to mention: STALKER, My Life With Master, Itran Kaupunki, Jäätuulen Laakso, GURPS sourcebooks, Mutants & Masterminds and others. I got maybe 20-30 rpg books total!

This year what I know I'll do related to roleplaying games:
- use roolipelit.net
- read and maybe contribute in rpg.net forums and read reviews
- lurk rpg bloggers network
- hopefully get new games
- play alot
- try out new games

So, again to you all, happy roleplaying New Year 2011!

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