Tuesday, January 11, 2011

YDIN - Is three skill levels enough?

Was wondering, is three skill levels enough variety for character differences in different know-how?

For you who might read this but is not familiar with YDIN mechanics, here it is in nutshell:

Characters have attributes which range from 1 to 6 one being lowest and six the highest.
Skill levels have currently three levels from 1 to 3 where one is lowest and three highest (of course there are unskilled actions but I don't take them in now).

Skill level determines both bonus to attribute and a die used when character tries to accomplish a task.

Bonuses are the following:
Skill level 1 bonus is 0.
Skill level 2 bonus is +2.
Skill level 3 bonus is +4.

Dice used are the following:
Skill level 1 die used is D6.
Skill level 2 die used is D8.
Skill level 3 die used is D10.

Target number of a task is attribute value + skill level bonus against die determined by skill level. (There is one twist, rolling higher or under what is optional though but I am not going to explain it here again as it is not relevant now).

So, if I added 4th skill level, it means that bonus of it would be +6 and die used would be D12.

It makes perfectly sense, and I was just thinking that are those current three steps in skill levels not enough and if I did add fourth skill level, it would be for master-characters. It would be expensive to buy with experience and not available for starting characters.

I think, I'll write 4th skill level as a possibility for advanced characters and tough antagonists and monsters to use.
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