Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[V:tM] Fake prince is back - chronicle this far

So, first Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle with this character ended when they got rid of this fake prince. Prince was not what he claimed to be nor member of either Ventrue or Camarilla. So, prince blown up chronicle ended.

Few gaming sessions before the worksite where new Elysium is built on the ruins of last one night there was a hole in the middle of it. Marks that someone dug himself from the ground. Cameras don't show anything but blur. Amanda (player character) got lead on this person to an really old and lousy apartment buildings cellar floors.

There was a big and nasty guard but it was dealt with. Unfortunately this time Amanda didn't catch this digger person. They got this Gangrel (possibly) antitribu for Nosferatus' to hold prison for later interrogation.

Later though leaders of the city Amanda included were summoned to sports stadium (current Elysium) because someone wanted to introduce himself. John Smith he told his name. Amanda was suspicious and got private time talking with him. John Smith didn't deny he's the prince who somehow survived the exploding assasination. Instead he offered Amanda and her sire Anthony something more...

Of course once Cammy always Cammy. Or maybe Amanda didn't like the fact that resurrected fake prince is only interested in subservients and tools...

Now new plan to destroy false prince. For good. Only problem is he is good at disappearing.

City Gangrel antitribu was useless. He didn't know that much about his new master. But he was willing to flee the city if he was let loose and he told everything he knew (or wanted to tell). Amanda didn't get permission to loose Gangrel but she made a promise. Amanda decided to help Gangrel escape but was caught.

Crocodile in my game is bigger, uglier and nastier than this cutie.
Not obeying rules and helping prisoner to escape is not good. But Amanda is elder. His punishment now was to take care of albino crocodile lurking in sewers at lower end of the city. There are eyewitness accounts and of course lousy media feasting with the topic. Amanda needs to cut the wings from the rumors or actually deal with the crocodile - if it is real. Scar (Nosferatu prince) doesn't care as long as people stop paying too much attention in the sewers.

Actually that albino crocodile was supposed to be Halloween game but my gaming style... it will be like 2 more sessions. Can't focus, put more and more interesting things. Find out during playing how things can be more exciting... introducing new NPCs (even those character will most likely not meet again) and start interesting conversations etc. etc. Well, I don't mind as long as player has fun!

So, next session is crocodile hunting what Amanda finds really boring and stupid. But actually...

  • The albino crocodile is enchanted withVicissitude* (bigger, tougher, nastier, uglier).
  • During Vicissitude there was human brain merged in crocodile brains so it is more calculating instead of just working by instinct.
  • It has these "special abilities and powers" what basically are disciplines
  • It actually is (one of those monsters) guarding Jon Smith's haven!
So, dealing with this giant albino monstrosity is actually tied really close to main plot.

*Vicissitude is vampiric power most likely possessed by Tzimisce what crafts bones and flesh of others and self to monstrosities from insane experiments and clawy fingers to monstrous battle machines of several bodies merged together.
Next post will be stats for this albino Vicissitude enchanted killer crocodile. I try to make it D&D-ish way so it is more like monster character actually battles instead of storytelling... obstacle.

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