Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dreams of after apocalypse

Everyone knows what happens if you concentrate on something before going to sleep. Yes, your night is full of it. I call this the tetris-effect (have you in you mind put those darn blocks all the night?).

Thanks for starting to write my post-apocalyptic setting last night before going to sleep for first, I couldn't get sleep. Too much ideas going in my mind. When I finally fell asleep, what do I dream about? The fluff of my system. Basically my night was pretty restless.

But there is a good part also in it. Okay, I am tired, but I am also full of ideas and I cannot wait my working day to end to get to write them down. I just wish I had some plug-in recorder to put cord into the socket on my temple and just kinda print all stuff out during the day and only edit it afterwards. I get confused when starting to write. Don't know where to start, want to write several ideas down before I forget them and so on.

I was thinking also to rush into the challenge of writing it in english. My grammar in english is not perfect, but I have a clever solution for that. There might be grammar mistakes in the text I will write, but it can be explained in the setting. I will write my whole roleplaying game as it would have been written in the game world by an character. And for the setting reason, that character isn't that good in grammar. So, I can write all the fluff, setting and rules in not so perfect grammar, and it would suit the game. Clever me.

I also add new label here: Project After Destruction, so You can easily follow how this is making progress.

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