Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[MGME] Vanguard the investigator

With zero preparation I decided to finally try out Mythic Game Master Emulator, after reading about it again from ( search results)

I also found this really handy tool for it. *klick*

So, here is the short 4 scenes story I got:

Vanguard the investigator is sheltering from rain in his local pub drinking hot tea with whiskey. Bartender seemed to be a nice guy, even though a bit feminine in his pink scarf. Bar seems to be quite deserted, even if in one corner there is a couple. Woman is crying and it seems like she is leaving his man. Vanguard looks at the situation for the while before continues to fill his crossword. "That word, it's technology. Right there." Wrinkled finger is pointing out a word. Vanguard thanks and says: "Thank you for your help, but I can do this very well without help. Keeps my mind focused." Old man sneezes: "Focused, you say. For what?" Vanguard rises his eyes to see old mans wrinkled face. Wrinkles, what look more like ruins of a warzone. Vanguard folds his magazine and puts his pen in his jacket's pocket and asks: "Mister, did you have something..." Man grins: "I have something, what might interest you." "Tell me more," Vanguard courages old man. Old man grins: "It's cold and wet outside. Drink might be nice."

Scene 2

Vanguard carries two whiskeys. One for himself, another for the old man. "I prefer drinking alone. Actually, I wasn't even drinking. Just keeping rain," Vanguard explains trying to get old man to tell what his business is. Old man takes a sip of his copper brown drink and says: "Have you ever heard of the book. The book of Nazhalash?" Vanguard thinks hard. "I suppose no. Doesn't sound like something you get from the bookstore for a dime, does it?" Old man shakes his head violently. "No, definately no. The book, it contains many mysteries. Mysteries of the spirits." Vanguard takes long gulp of whiskey and rises his eyebrow. "Spirits, you say?" Old man nods his head. "That crossword of yours, it's in Parapsychology magazine." Vanguard nods his head. "So you interested?" Vanguard thinks and decides, that he doesn't have better things to do right now. "Okay old man. Tell me more." "Gobin, the name is Gobin."

Scene 3

"But the book, it is not easy to get," old man Gobin tells. Vanguard doesn't look that surprised: "Well, I didn't except it would be. I am not even sure, why I am listening to this. You just came and talk about this spirit-book or something for a stranger." Gobin curls his eyebrows. "Not interested then," he gets up to leave. Vanguard watches as he leaves making decision. To follow or leave that old guy in his own peace. He seems to be a bit dusty in addikt. In the other hand, there hasn't been anything interesting lately, so Vanguard decides to follow. He leaves few changes for the bartender and rushes to catch the old man: "Old fellow, uh, Gobin. Wait!" Gobin doesn't stop, but slows his walk so Vanguard easily catches him.

Scene 4

After walking a while Vanguard starts to feel a bit irritated about getting soaked when the warmth of whiskey escapes his body. “Where are we heading,” he asks from Gobin. “To your house?” Gobin shakes his head: “No, not to my place.” Vanguard watches him: “You have a place, right?” Old man stops: “I don't understand why you ask that. What does it matter, as I am not taking you there? Would it make me less reliable if I was a homeless man?” Vanguard says hastily: “Absolutely no. Where are we going then?” Old Gobin continues his walk: “To old bookstore.” This suits Vanguard. If what ever this old fool man has becomes nonsense, he could buy himself something interesting instead.

That was actually pretty cool! I did not decide what game to play, or didn't ever create a character. Just wanted to play it with quickly but wow, it totally sucked me in!
There might be continuum for Vanguard's adventure, who know.

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