Friday, August 13, 2010

Got Dungeons and Dragons books

I have critisezed D&D in few posts. It is not a game for me, but meh, I am a rpg collector. And got this good opportunity to get two D&D books for my collection. So, here those are:

Dungeons & Dragons 3. Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. I am not sure, if Forgotten Realms is the best setting out there for D&D. I quess there are better basic fantasy settings, as those a bit more "weird" settings. But currently I am playing Baldur's Gate 1 with PC, and it is really a good game. So, I thought, that Forgotten Realms could be this basic adventurous fantasy setting for company my D&D.

Anyways, now I got it. I haven't read it and not sure will I anytime soon. I flipped it through and its quality is as high as in basic books. Layout is sweet and artwork, really, really great. It is pretty book. I thought it might be a bit thicker though, but less reading is good in this case. I am happy with this product.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual by Gary Gygax. I actually got AD&D 2nd edition Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide, but I never owned the Monster Manual. They two looked orphan together, so I had to make a change for that. I tried to get AD&D MM 2nd edition, but it was already sold. So I thought that what ever, AD&D MM 1st edition is good enough to replace it. And I got a gap filled on my bookshelf.

I haven't read this either, but wow, some of the illustration is really... umh how would I say it. Impressive. One thing I noticed flipping it through, there is no exp value for monsters. But there are on some monsters pencil marks of exp value. That's a bit confusing, but maybe reading it clarifies it a bit. If someone can tell right away what's this experience thing here, I'd really appreciate it.

Does by the way anyone know what is the difference between 1st and 2nd editions of Monster Manual?

In general, I am happy with these two products.

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