Friday, October 22, 2010

15 Enduring and Impressive Games in 15 minutes - my part

This seems to be "hip" now with bloggers, so I guess I'll throw my list in also.

So, here it comes:

  1. Vampire: the Masquerade - Teached me to play drama in games, and focus in greater things running around character(s).
  2. Fading Suns - My current scifi rpg what can do virtually anything I want to do in my campaign.
  3. (Tie Tähtiin 2300 AD) - Even if rules in finnish version were broken, I have so many good memories of this game.
  4. Resident Evil -series - One of my favourites of console games.
  5. Silent Hill - The mood, the setting, the audiovisual output, music, characters, monsters...
  6. ANKH (Adventures of the North Kalevala Heroes) - My first game and also first game I wrote my own stuff.
  7. Need For Speed - If not directly rpg related, because of this game I started to tune my car. And I have included in one campaign tuning culture. And the games? Great, great fun!
  8. Kult - Terrific setting. Really, really scary.
  9. Dungeons & Dragons - At first I didn't like this, but this is my choice of character developing high fantasy with adventuring.
  10. All Flesh Must Be Eaten - Basically anything you need for zombies. With AFMBE you got everything.
  11. Call of Cthulhu - Simple (BRP) rules, great mood and Mythos.
  12. Warhammer FRPG - This is what I played (as a player) alot when I was 13 - 17.
  13. World of Warcraft - Fun grinding, fun character development. My no. 1 choice for PC gaming.
  14. Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines - Awesome. I love V:tM and this PC game was just great.
  15. Monopoly - Might be old and simple, but it is fun!
This was actually hard. I did include also other games in rather than rpg-only, as they popped into my mind.

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