Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am alive

It's been few days now I haven't made a single post. Been quite busy in life, actually. Well, it's not big effort to write thoughts in here, but still I think it needs a bit of thinking. Still, hobby goes on. What am I up to in roleplaying related topics in my life currently?

Dungeons Mastering
At first I thought we'd play only few sessions of D&D, just to take thoughts away from more serious roleplaying. Still, we are continuing to play D&D. Currently we are at our 18th gaming session and character is 3rd level. Not bad. We both enjoy D&D. Well, we are not fantasy or D&D-ish game style fans, but this is entertaining. We shall continue. Even if we will play other games campaigns, I think we will continue to play this one character's adventures every now and then. Back-up plan. Easy entertainment.

Planning Next Game
Next game will be Call of Cthulhu and we will continue our last campaign. I have told this several times. Not sure when we start. It's beginning to be cold and dark outside now, so maybe it is beginning to be time for horror!

Posts I'd Like To Write Here
I have few posts I'd like to "discuss", but need certain mental feeling to do it. I have few ideas I'd love to share, but they will wait. Maybe next week I am not that busy and exhausted so I can start to share them.

What Will I Read Next?
Big question. I have so many rpg books I haven't read yet. And I got to finish Stephen King's Duma Key and I also bought myself new Stephen King (collecting them). But what rpg book will I read? I have two new Vampire: the Masquerade books. And still need to finish Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd edition. And just got my copy of Mage: the Ascension 2nd edition. I quess I will read those V:tM books first and then continue to W:tA and after it M:tAs. Unfortunately my reading time is limited, and when you read rpg books it's basically a learning process. Reading novels is totally different, and those Stephen King's aren't the lightest in page count.

So, even if there's been a small break in posting, I am here. Playing and hobbying. And of course I am reading what RPG Bloggers has to share!

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