Friday, October 22, 2010

Ammo penetration, sketch for YDIN

Characters have hitpoints. Normal durability to deal with damage, poisoning, cold, exhaust etc. Characters have plenty of those, so they can shrug minor scratches off.
Characters also have wound points, what indicate stamina for major damage.
Characters have wounds related to wound points. This is an attribute what damage needs to exeed to deal wounds.

So in short. Healthpoints represent scratches. Wound points represent major damage. Wound points are stamina to endure major damage.

If damage exeeds character's wounds, wound point is taken. If damage exeeds wounds two times, two wound points are taken and so on. Also in addition for wounds character suffers health point damage always.

Let's take an example character. His wounds value is 6 (from range 2 to 12).
Character suffers 4 damage. Player takes 4 hitpoints away. Just a scratch or a bruise.
Character suffers 7 points of damage. Player takes 7 hitpoints away, and also takes one wound point off.
Character suffers 13 damage. Player takes 13 hitpoints off and also 2 wound points.

With smaller damage (below wounds) character only suffers minor bruises and scratches and can go on way much longer than taking wounds, which represent serious wounds.

Got it? Good. Now let's go to penetration part, shall we?

So, you shoot with a certain weapon capable to penetrate a body (not decided yet what are the requirements for this, working on it). If damage is dealt more than a wounds, bullet goes through it's victims body. If bullet hits someone behind and it has damage left enough more than second victims wounds, it continues through him.
The catch is, that after penetrating the first victim, the first needed wounds for penetration are decreased from the damage.

Easier to explain with an example, so here goes:
ALFA has 6 wounds, BETA 4.
Weapon deals 8 damage.
ALFA takes 8 damage to hitpoints and one wound.
Decrease first victim's wounds from weapon damage (8-6) and you got 2 left.
So bullet goes through ALFA and hits BETA with 2 damage, just a scratch.

Weapon deals 15 damage.
ALFA takes 15 damage to hitpoints and also 2 wounds.
Decrease first wound to penetrate ALFA's body (15 - 6) and you got 9 damage left for bullet.
So bullet goes through ALFA and hits BETA with 9 damage.
As BETA has 4 wounds only, he gets 2 wound points in addition to 9 points of damage.
Decrease BETA's wounds from bullet's damage, (9 - 4) and you got 5 damage left for bullet to hit something behind BETA.
Bullet went through both ALFA and BETA and still kept going.

Let's make one experience more.
ALFA has 6 wounds and behind him is a barrel with flammable gasoline with 3 endurance* (hitpoints, armor).
Weapon deals 8 damage.
Again bullet goes through ALFA dealing 8 damage and one wound.
Bullet goes through ALFA still with 2 points of damage. Luckily the barrel's endurance is 2, so bullet doesn't pierce it and blow the whole place up!

*Endurance is general durability for objects.

Phew, now just have to write that down so, that someone actually understands it besides of me!

Armor decreases damage. If kevlar vest's armor value is 6, is decreases weapons damage by 6. Everyone has seen this before, but let's make an example or two.

Armor 6 and damage 3. No damage dealt.
Armor 6 and damage 7. One point of damage dealt. Propably just a scratch, or bruise through vest.

Simple? Yes. But in my last post Chauncey gave a really great idea, I'd like to use (gotta ask him permission). You concider armor value also in exit wound! <- brilliant!


Shimoroka said...

It's not really my idea but you can use it however you want. It's a concept that I've been meaning to implement that I've seen applied for Cyberpunk 2020 here This is a great source of rules and tidbits that inspiring.

Unknown said...

Thanks alot for sharing this source!