Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Praedor, one of my favorite fantasy games (A-Z letter P)

Praedor from Burger Games is one of my favorite fantasy games. Instead of reviewing it (for now) I just give a list why I do like it so much.

  1. Artwork is really neat made by Finnish comic book artist Petri Hiltunen. Also game setting is based on Petri Hiltunen's comic books.
  2. Character creation is mix of old school dice rolling and more customizable point buy system. You roll attributes, but divide points for skills.
  3. Damage system is brilliant. Even though characters have lots of hit points, they could die from a single good blow. There is "deep wound" value, and every point damage exceeds it you refer the amount to a table to see the additional effect of damage. Smaller damage decreases hit points in slower pace, but bigger blow can in worse cases even cut your character's hand off.
  4. Task system is simple. Character's attributes and skills are in range 3 to 18 and you roll D6's based on the difficulty usually from 2D to 4D trying to get lower than the value you roll against.
  5. Successes come in 3 steps. Normal success, 2 steps success with 5 or below and 3 step success on 10 or below. It determines the effect for example parrying a blow (2 step to hit wins 1 step to parry for example).
  6. Setting is awesome. Takes too much space from the list to describe it, but world is small round spot and after it's borders is endless destruct ancient city with wild magic, mutated monsters and demons. Also all kinds of adventures can be ran in known "safe" world you can ever imagine.
  7. Praedors (treasure hunting mercenary characters) are kick-ass.
  8. You only need six sided dice to play this game.
  9. Easy to learn, rules are quite light even though realistic.

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