Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Touch attack in D&D (A-Z letter T)

How can a simple thing be so hard to figure out? When we started to play D&D3 the first time, my player wante to create a sorcerer character. I knew it would be more challenging with spells and everything, but if player wants to be a magic-user, then let her be.

First combat when she started to use her spells I did have no clue how they worked. I tried to read the rules all over again, but didn't find somehow what to roll to attack with a spell.

Most puzzling was the touch attack. What do you roll? There is no "to touch attack" value in character sheet. What do you roll to "touch"? Is it that hard to touch your opponent etc. Then when I was puzzled enough and totally out of any clues how it works, I had to turn into internet forums to get help. Luckily I got answer relatively quick and game could go on.

If I remember correctly, touch attack is melee attack but it ignores AC. I am not totally sure about this and I might remember wrong, but the answer was really logical. Only question remains, how couldn't I find the answer in rulebook? Were I just too blind to see it, or was it too obvious rule? Or didn't I read D&D manuals like they should have been read?

But from now on, when sorcerer character does a touch attack, I know how to handle it. Now I am wondering when we next time play D&D what will be new rules challenge for me to comprehend.
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