Saturday, May 21, 2011

Roleplaying tattoos? Yep, got mine

I have wanted tattoos several years, but actually never had any. I have several ideas, I want to do. I know what I want. Now, I got a great opportunity to get myself tattooed (and will be tattooed in the future), and got two pictures.

I didn't choose the pics I really want, but instead I chose other pics I like and chose them to be inked to my legs. I usually don't show my lets, except in summer time with shorts. Didn't want to put my main tattoo areas (hands) in risk, if the tattooer wasn't good enough.

So, smaller the first one, was just a test try. My favourite car is Ford, so I got this:
I was satisfied with it, so we continued to my other leg.

I have this idea, that my right side of body I will dedicate to WoD/horror theme. I have few pics I want on my hand, but had to decide, what would be a great test tattoo for tattooer's skills to show. Also, while I was going to take a tattoo, I thought I want it to be big one. Not a small... I do like Vampire, and Dark Ages is cool. I thought that clan heraldry could be awesome for leg tattoo. And for a certain reason, I've always liked Cappadocian heraldry.

So, that it is. Cappadocian tattoo.

It's not completed yet. It needs coloring, borders thickening etc. But I like it. I like it a alot.

Nerd RPG tattoo, but still bad ass. And far from usual leg tribal.


Dentists West Hollywood said...

I will say, I like your new-unfinished one more than the Ford. However, I get the significance. It looks like the Cappadocian will look amazing when it's done. You'll have to post pictures!


Unknown said...

@Dentist Abby: Haha, usually I don't publish these ad-comments (roleplaying Hollywood dentists, anyone?) but this made sense. Usually those commented in some game technical posts are so funny, I could make a compilation out of them. Plumbers talking 'bout how da idea iz good (plumbers talk like that?) and he sees how it's turning out to be... um yeah. Also those who comment to some campaign or setting ideas or game ideas. "I'd like to read that one. Nice job." Ok. I bet "it" didn't mean campaign report at all. Or anything. Just wanted to get her "haribarber-dresser salong at LA" to comment ;)