Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plan for A-Z challenge ready

I was supposed to take a nap, but instead started to think about upcoming A-Z blogging challenge of April. I am so excited about it. Last year I had some scheduling problems and some posts delayed... This year I will do it better, with three posts per letter, per day. And I got themes now. Last year it was this and that like flea-market collection. But this year, my A-Z challenge themes for each letter are:

1. LotFP and other traditional fantasy game stuffs.
2. Random table
3. General resources, material and thoughts.

That's right. Each day (except Sundays, except first Sunday, which i 1st day, when it all starts!) each letter gets not one but three posts in three different topics.

If you don't know what A-Z challenge is or want to refresh your memory or want to join yourself if you already haven't, check this website. It contains all the information what you want to know.

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