Sunday, May 23, 2010

D&D: What rules do I actually need?

For first, it's long time since I last time played any of Dungeons and Dragons. I think it was Advanced Dungeons and Dragons something like 10 years ago. And it lasted untill first fight when we changed system and continued the campaign. I am not sure was that the first time of AD&D, but it definaltely was the last. I have also played some version of old Dungeons and Dragons, but cannot remember what it was, how I felt about the rules etc. I remember, there was this map of dungeon and cardboard figures. Really old. We didn't play that game alot, just few times.

Then I got my D&D 3rd edition (well, it was cheap and I _cannot_ resist cheap rpg's) and have read it a couple of times. I quess rules are quite simple, but for some reason they are hard for me. Too much storytelling? Needless to say, even if I have had it for few years now, I never actually played it.

My only experience of newer D&D (3rd edition or above) is True20 system from Blue Rose rpg. I think it's like D&D but you don't have to keep account that much. It was quite ok, I have to admit, even if it wasn't my dish. Still, it worked okay.

So, if I would buy D&D 3rd edition with D&D kind of adventure with warriors, magic, treasure and monsters, what would I do with rules?

First, minis, figures, not my thing. I like game where you can describe things instead of making fights a mini-game with strategy from board games. I play roleplaying game, not figures strategy game.

Obviously because of above, I think I should strip some rules. Attack of opportunity, some reaches, and area effects would be not convient without figures (that's why they are there, duh), so I quess I'd just drop off them rules. I did that with True20, and not many game uses similar rules, so they aren't needed.

Now, I have a stripped version of D&D where you don't need minis! Would I play it now? There is one problem though. If D&D is now most popular roleplaying game, where you use different feats and advanced tactical combat with miniatures, what will D&D be without those rules? Why must I play D&D if I modify it far enough it not to be D&D anymore? Why cannot I take just some another fantasy game with rules I like more, and leave D&D alone what obviously isn't for me?

Well, there is many people playing D&D and who have played D&D. And I concider myself rpg entusiast, so it's just common knowledge to have played it.

And, it could be fun. Maybe I just keep minis and battle rules as they are. And don't take it that seriously. If I will and want to play Dungeons & Dragons, why wouldn't I play it like it is ment to play? There is thousands of games that I could play otherwise.
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