Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fading Suns meets Warhammer 40.000

Yes, time travel is the word of this campaign. First time-jump was 250 years into future. And second time-jump they tried to get back to past into their own time but what you know, evil GM screwed things up and they jumped further into future.

Where? What time?

I have been checking out information about WH40k Dark Heresy rpg and also looked at several WH40k pictures, so from Fading Suns setting year 4996 (actually should be 5010 as Fading Suns was published 1996) they travelled to year 5246 and from that they travelled to year... 40.000!

So, now I am having blast with super huge evil looking spacedestroyingships, power armors, cybernetics, dead planets and faded suns.

Fading Suns, the profecy is fulfilled. Most of the suns are dead. There is dark future... Fading Suns mix Warhammer 40k.

Why do I want to yell: IT'S OVER 9000!


Cyric said...

Hey there!

Did you add Fading Suns specific things to the setting? I mean the church was a bit different compared to the 40000k church as were the whole setting of merchant and noble houses.

Unknown said...

Actually I basically use Fading Suns base for year 40k. I don't know much about 40k fluff, actually near to nothing.

So, basically I take Fading Suns setting, looked at dozens of WH40k (miniatures, rpg, fanart) pictures and twisted Fading Suns to "feel" what WH40k looks like.

So nothing official, nothing specific. My Fading Suns in year 40k is like a painting rather than detailed setting ;)

And something bit me. I so would like to have my own copy of Dark Heresy (and or Rogue Trader) but they are sick expensive. I heard though there is also Dark Heresy from 80's. Don't know much about it though.