Monday, May 17, 2010

Writers, how do you get inspired?

I bet someone who reads this blog is also a writer in rpg scene. Do you write games, adventures, or something similar?

As someone might know, I am working on my own rpg system called Ydin. Today I got all the toughts together, opened my Open office, started typing title Introduction and then... bam. Zombies ate my brains. I tried to write several columns but only result was me hitting backspace until I was again at the beginning. I tried to make fun background design for the file and started typic again. i, n, t, r, o, d, u, c, t, i, o, n. Then watched screen for a decade, started to write total utter bullshit untill I yelled "goaaarrr", shut down writer and went to play Playstation 2.

So, problem is, I don't know where to start, what to write. I have already done 20 pages version of Ydin, but decided to re-write it. But now even if I know what I want from Ydin, when I start to actually write nothing comes in my mind. It's like... frustrating.

One person who did read one early version of Ydin told me that my writing wasn't that good. It was like reading a forum post or blog message. I tried to read it but didn't find the problem. I don't know... should I try to write as it comes into my mind. My work, my words, my thoughts. Or should I write it as über-pro ultimate rulesbook text? I think that writing my style would make it sound like me and my work, but is it good to read that way?

My well is empty. It took some time before I started (to try) to write Ydin down (again) but now I don't have anything to say. Well I do. I could tell the rules, but writing a booklet needs a bit more.

Maybe I should buy a bottle of red wine for inspiration.
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