Thursday, May 6, 2010

YDIN - Explaining my idea of attributes and skills

Okay, attributes and skills:

Attribute high, skill high
- You are both stable and capable. Your critical hit rate is greater and you don't miss very often.

Attribute low, skill high
- It might be easy to hit and get criticals, but you stumble alot. Your fighting style is far from perfect. You know how to use a sword, but your physics aren't with you.

Attribute high, skill low
- You are good at it naturally, you hardly miss, but in cost of stability you botch often and critical hit seldom.

Attribute low, skill low
- You suck. You hit now and then, sometimes even crit, but botch quite often. Your physics and knowledge is not ment for swordfighting.

So, I think that attribute and skill balance eatch other. If I am very agile, but bad on swords, I got good change to hit (thanks to my natural dexterity) but I still got higher change to criticals, because I am not good with swords.

If I am skillful but my physics just don't work for it, I get critical hits usually... if I hit the target. Still, I don't botch that often.

If I am both agile and skillfull, I get high change for critical, low change for botches and hit most of the time. But if I lack both skill and psychics I might hit, or botch. My fighting is a stumbling and not at all certain.

I think, that maybe even if poorer dude can get higher critical possibility than better guy, it is because you suck with swords, you swing it like headless chicken running. You hit with LUCK well, but damn, you most likely hurt yourself doing it.
But if you have skills and are naturally good with swords (dexterity, agility what evah) you know what you do and don't hussle allaround. Your blows rarely hit yourself on the leg. You calculate your hits and don't just swing yer sword.

In many games systems you attributes + skills poor character cannot do a shit. Anyone played Warhammer Fantasy RPG 1st edition with 30% of hit change in the beginning of the game, and got 1000's of 1000's of xp spent to get it even to every third hit misses? Yes.

BUT IN MY SYSTEM your crappy dumb crippled character who is good at picking his nose actually can swing his sword and get a deadly blow (cross your fingers not to loose grip, or hit yourself with it).

Simple, yes. Fast, yes. Realistic? Nah, adventurous, heroine, fast paced, dangerous? Yes.

I mean, even if your character sucks, he can success. I hate in rpg's when what ever I try with my character he cannot do it. Fights take eternity when miss, miss, miss, yey hit duh 1 dmg, miss, miss... Or your character tries to navigate out from the forest without navigation skill and dies in a hole alone. In my system your character, the hero can do hero stuff. Even if he isn't hero material. He is just lucky (if doesn't botch).

I give a example here:

Attribute 6 vs attribute 1. Another is highest human can be, another near crippled. Both have skill level 1, what is D6.

So, Attr 6 + skill 1 tries to do something. He throws D6 against 7.
Okay, 1 he successes which is also critical (result equals skill is critical).
Results 2,3,4,5 he successes.
Highest number of any die is always a miss. So with result 6 he misses but it also is a botch alert! Throw D6 again and if you get highest possible result (6 in this case obviously) it's critical botch.
With his skill this attribute 6 dude is quite stable in successing, but his lack of skill makes him miss every 6th.

What about our 1+1 dude?
Okay, D6 against 2 means he gets critical with result 1 (equals to skill again) and hits with result 2. Results 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 he misses and 6 is also critical threat.

Attr 6 + skill 1
- Critical 1/6
- Hit 5/6
- Miss 1/6

Attr 1 + skill 1
- Critical 1/6
- Hit 2/6
- Miss 4/6

Which one would you bet on? Okay, Lower attribute guy does get 50/50 critical WHEN he hits. But in that time other guy hits in 5/6 propability.

What about highest skills? Our other contestent is Attribute 6 skill 3 monster, other skillful but weak Attribute 1 Skill 3 person.

Attribute 6 + Skill 3 = 9. With skill 3 you use D10. Let's see what happens now?

- 1-3 Critical hit (die result equals skill)
- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 hit
- 10 auto-miss + change for critical

And then our Attribute 1 + Skill 3 = 4 (with D10 from skill)
- 1,2,3 critical
- 4 hit
- 5,6,7,8,9 miss, and
- 10 miss + critical change.

6+3 misses every 10th (might be much for pro, but hey, you don't need dice if you wanna hit all the time eh?) and 1+3 6 out of 4.

Let's take one more, average joe who knows what he is doing. His attribute is 3 and skill 2 = 5 (means D8):

- 1,2 critical
- 1,2,3,5 hit
- 6,7,8 miss with higest result as threat for critical.

Same with less skills:
Attr 3 + Skill 1 (D6)
- 1 critical
- 1,2,3,4 hit
- 5,6 miss. Change for critical increases alot.

What about skillfull average?
Attr 3 + Skill 3 (D10)
- 1,2,3 critical
- 1,2,3,4,5,6 hit
- 7,8,9,10 miss. And critical botch decreases dramatically.

As you can see, everyone has good changes to success despite your skill or attribute. Biggest difference is that:
Higher attribute makes it easier to success with smaller skill, but smaller skill also increases dramatically change to critical botches.
Lower attribute makes everything harder, and if you got skill, your body cannot handle it but atleast you don't botch often. If you lack both attribute and skill you even hit well or hit really bad (take a change, lucky shots, close your eyes and hit... something).

Maybe these rules aren't the most realistic available, but everyone has a change. And if lower attribute might get better change to critical hits, which would you get:

- Crit more, hit yourself with an axe more
- Stable.

This was ment to be comment to this post, but turned out to be waaaaay longer than just an answer. So I made it own post.

Sorry if text is unclear, a bit tired and started just to flow text here! Might include some mistakes in numbers, not sure :D Sorry for that in advance.
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