Saturday, May 1, 2010

Overwhelmed by rpg hobby

Strange enough, but I almost had burnout from roleplaying hobby of mine. How is that possible?

Too much. I like to play, and that is one thing I don't trade for anything. But also I am quite active at forum, try to blog, try to read rpg books, want to get more of them and on top of that I got kazillion ideas for rpg's running on my own system.

And ofcourse outside this fantasy world of roleplaying games I have real life involving job, daily activities, animals, friends etc. So, as rpg-ing became bigger and bigger but I didn't want to be outcast from "real life", I got into this situation that I didn't have time enough for everything!

So my rpg hobby started to grow too big. I had to back down. Small break in blogging, few days off from forums, iceing my game project(s), and just enjoying playing. I gotta say, as much as I love rpgs in general, this small backing down was good for me. I just played and didn't stress about developing or writing game, being active in internet on rpg related items and so on.

This is great hobby. It is not just playing, but can involve social enountering in internet, writing, planning, reading, sivilizing yourself with knowledge and so on. But also this hobby can take really big part of your life, and that started to be a slight problem.

Now I am happy. Happily gaming, and leaving game development into it's place of freedom not must. Now I have time and space and no stress to arrange time and inspiration to continue being active(-ish) in rpg community as in game development.

I am happy. And rpgs are my life. They don't rule my life, but are great part of me and they make who I am.
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