Monday, February 27, 2012

Combat survival guide for Savage Worlds

Reading (Finnish roleplaying games forum) I found from one topic this:

Cool Combat Survival Guide for Savage Worlds. It gives you problems and how to solve them. For example hitting your opponent it gives several different options to make things easier from Agility Trick to Taunt etc. This is good for players who usually play rpg combats by just "hitting, hitting, hitting" giving them other options to perform.

Really handy little tool. And don't forget to download Savege World Test Drive V6 rules here: It is free introduction rules set for Savage Worlds.
I don't own Savage Worlds yet and haven't played it yet but I am really interested in it. Only hesitation is that I don't need generic setting and I am not sure if I am "pulp" player. Basically I need a setting or style I need Savage Worlds for. Options I am really interested in are:
- Solomon Kane. I have just seen the movie but loved it.
- Cyberpunk. I think SW could be really good for CP.
- Deadlands. I've missed the old game throughoutly so I was thinking maybe SW would give me access to it.
- Some neat free stuff.

Hm. I have to check out the options for Savage Worlds + Cyberpunk + Deadlands combo and maybe (ask permission from my girlfriend to) buy it.
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