Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maps for LotFP

I was thinking I will set my LotFP game in pseudo-fantasy-Europe. It will be like Europe in 1100-1600 depending on the area. I won't be historically accurate but can use historical information to flesh it up.

I will also use Vornheim City Kit and possible city of Vornheim and from the beginning of getting Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Grindhouse edition I was thinking that maybe I could include my Ravenloft (S&S edition) campaign setting for it.

So I think I'll use LotFP + Vornheim + Old Europe + Ravenloft combo.

But here are a couple of maps I will propably use:
Old Europe map. Source: Wikipedia

Germany historical map. Source: mapsoft.net
The walled town of Nurmberg, Germany 1648. Source: blog.travelpod.com

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