Friday, February 17, 2012

Creating a test character for Dungeonslayers

Like I said in my last post I found Dungeonslayers and decided to download and print it. Shuffled the main book and liked it on paper. System is fast, simple yet elegant. Character creation should be quick so let's try it out.

Rulebook for version 3.X can be found here:

Let's begin.

1. Choose Race
There are three races available. Human, elf and dwarf. Races have slight differences for character creation. As there is no setting in the rules I have to choose my race by feel. Choice is really hard as every race is basic fantasy race and as there are no settings it's only my imagination what races are like. I'll go with a dwarf this time. Race dwarf grants me the following racial attributes: Darkvision and Longevity (only slow aging after adulthood). There are no special rules for these but I write them down. Note: For dungeon dwelling darktvision is priceless!

2. Choose Class
Classes are Fighter, Scout and Spellcaster divided in three what basically affects your spell learning. I want to hit things so I choose fighter.

3. Assign Attribute Values
Attributes are Body, Agility and Mind and I get 18 points to share between them. Minimum is 2 and maximum 10 and value must be even number.
Body: 8
Agility: 6
Mind: 2

4. Assign Ability Values
Abilities are under Attributes. Strength and Tougness for Body; Reflexes and Dexterity for Agility and Reason and Aura for Mind. I divide Attribute by two to get points to share between corresponding Abilities.
Body 8------Agility 6-----Mind 2
Strength 2--- Reflexes 2--Reason 1
Toughness 2-Dexterity 1--Aura 0

5. Race & Class Bonuses
For dwarven fighter I get the following: Strength, Toughness or Dexterity +1. I choose Toughness so it is now 3. Fighter gives Strength or Toughness +1 and I choose Strength what is now 3.

6. Initial Spells
As a fighter I skip this.

7. Equipment
All starting characters have basic equipment but no armor or weapons. I got 10 gold pieces to buy stuff and I decide to arm my dwarven fighter. Leather jerkin is cheapest armor what costs 4 gold pieces and with remaining 6 gold pieces I get Axe. If I want both armor and weapon there are not that many options to choose from because 10 gold pieces is really small amount of money. Axe gives me +1 to combat and Leather jerkin +1 to defence.

8. Combat Values
Little calculation based on my Attriutes, Abilities and Equipment.
Hitpoints: Body + Toughness + 10 = 21
Defense: Body + Toughness + Armor value = 12
Melee Attack: Body + Strength + Weapon Bonus = 12
Ranged Attack: Agility + Dexterity + Weapon Bonus = 7
Dodge: Agility + Reflexes - Armor Value = 7
Spellcasting: Mind + Aura + CB = 2
Targeted Spells: Mind + Dexterity + CB = 3

9. Speed
Speed is half my agility +1 so I record 4 meters per turn down.

10. Finishing Touches
This would be description and other not rule related information.

Wow. It was quick. I wrote this post at the same time so it took me 15 minutes but I am sure when you create character old fashioned way it doesn't take more than 5 to 10 minutes. So you are basically ready to play really quickly.

Now, if you wonder what those numbers mean I explain it quickly. You roll D20 and try to get under your Attribute + Ability OR Combat value. Ability/Attribute combination depends on what you are doing and some modifiers might apply depending on how hard or easy the situation is.

Combat works similar way. Higher roll is better as long as it is under your Combat value. Then opponent rolls Defense value and you subtract his result from your roll. Remaining result is damage you dealt.

My dwarven fighter's Melee Attack is 12 and I roll 11. A success. Opponent is an orc with Defence Value of 13 and he rolls 7. 11 - 7 is 4 damage dealt. Simple and fast!

There are also Talents you can buy with points you gain from leveling up. Fastest way to explain talents is that they are similar to D&D 3.X feats. Some special effects or abilities.

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