Friday, February 10, 2012

Created To hit table inspired by old Finnish RPG ANKH

ANKH (Adventures of the North Kalevala Heroes) is old Finnish roleplaying game. Unfortunately my copy of ANKH has suffered major damage over the years and I am not sure where it is located. It was a boxed set but my box is long destroyed. ANKH came with three books. One for Game Master, another for players and third was adventure module.

ANKH was the first game I played, bought and Game Mastered so it has very special place in my roleplaying history and heart.

ANKH had this to hit system similar to Dungeons & Dragons' Thac0. Character had three combat values:
Taisteluluokka (TL for short) what is Combat class.
Jousiluokka (JL for short) what is Ranged class.
Suojaluokka (SL for short) what is Armor class.

To attack and determine attack's success you compare your TL or JL (depending do you melee or ranged attack) against opponents SL and see from a chart what is your change to hit.

I loved ANKH and had a dream related to it last night. So I decided to create ANKH inspired and styled chart for combat. Active Value is attacker's Melee, Ranged or Mystic (for magical attacks) against Passive which is defender's Defence.

In some situations Passive Value can also be Resistance when for example Active Value is poison.

I don't have any game or mechanics or project this is for. I just made this for fun. All chart related rules presented here are just for example. I did want to have certain old look for this chart. That's why I used rough table base and hand written styled font.

For me ANKH is oldschool as I didn't grow up or start gaming with D&D. I decided I call this ANKH clone/inspired system LORE: Legend Of Radiant Empires. That's what I had dream of. I have this oldschool clone typed project called Heroes' Path... Maybe this will be it. Eventually.


anarchist said...

How does 'x' work?

Unknown said...

It's written at the bottom of picture. X = Die numbers 10 and 11. And as you see X is where Active and Passive values are the same. So X being die results 10-11 it's roughly 50-50 change.

Why X instead of writing 10 - 11? Space issues ;)

Philosophical slumber said...

beautiful! have you other information to share on this rpg? i would love to have a copy....

Unknown said...

Unfortunately there is not much information about ANKH. Only short Wikipedia article in Finnish. It is also mentioned in Finnish rpg history:

And in Sope's blog there's a review in Finnish:

Google search "ANKH roolipeli" you can find something in Finnish also.

I cannot take pics of my copy because I don't know where it is and it's in really, really awful shape!