Friday, February 10, 2012

Turn your video game collection to random generator

I was listing my console video games and had an idea. I got list ready for some dice action. To create plot, adventure, campaign, setting, location or what ever roll dice three times and see what video games it shows and improvise combining those to gaming material. Just go with the ideas you get from a video game. Graphics, setting, mechanics, title... what ever tickles your creativity.

Not sure how many video games you need for great variety, but I'd say at least 30 sounds good. I have 54 titles (did not include PC games) what I'll use for examples here (list to my games will be posted HERE tomorrow). But how to easily roll 54 sided die? Go here for virtual dice roller:
You can find list of my console games here:

I will create these examples for generic fantasy Dungeons & Dragons styled games. Let's begin!

Random Encounter NPC

Games: RalliSport Challenge 2, Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, Wii Fit Plus
Description: This NPC driver carts delivering rare goods and treasurer even to harder locations. He is not much of a fighter himself but he has a party of three henchmen with him; one caster, one fighter and a scout with bow. He is basically fantasy version of FedEX. His special ox of rare breed is faster than normal and almost impossible to exhaust.
Explanation: From RalliSport I got idea of travelling cart. Lord Of The Rings is turn based RPG in fashion of Final Fantasy series so I thought about a party to support NPC and Wii Fit Plus gave idea of that well built ox.

Random Encounter Location

Games: DancingStage SuperNOVA 2, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Manhunt
Description: In the wilderness there is old forgotten ruins of the city. The ruins are big and mostly destroyed to labyrinth like compound. In the middle there is part of a palace in relatively good condition; the old ballroom. When characters find the location they are approached by older man with dark hood and light leather armor. Even though old he looks to be fit. He has a proposal for characters. They must get into the middle of labyrinth of ruins and bring him one crystal from old roofcrown (that big fancy lamp). Reward will be good (what characters possibly would appreciate in addition to experience points). If characters as why the man tells it's a test but should be easy for adventurers like that (or what ever explanation suits players' style to take random quests).
Actually this is a test for old man's school of assassins. He sends adventurers and his assassins try to kill them. If assassin fails (is killed, captured or something else) he wasn't good enough. If assassins success to kill adventurers old man lures there they have had their real life lesson. If adventurers bring crystal to old man assassins have failed their lesson and their training continues as normal (maybe harder). Characters do have their reward if they success as promised.
There are different types of assassins to encounter from different lines. Lines are basically race or multi-class. Bloodfangs might be orc fighter/assassin when Deathfeathers elven assassins and Nimblefingers halfling thief/assassins. There might even be dangerous Wizard/Assassins Shadowmythics.
Explanation: DancingStage gave me idea of this dancehall, as a main location. Hitman for assassins and Manhunt for the labyrinth part where you must go further surviving attacks of assassin lines.

Town You Need To Create Quickly

Games: Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, Obscure II, Dynasty Warriors 5
Description: Getting into the city is not easy. It is walled in and heavily guarded. Sieged by undead warriors. It is practically impossible to fight way into the city but it could be possible to sneak in. Characters mind find supply delivery and join them to get into the city by secret passage. Characters learn backgrounds for the situation. There were two clans in war. Clan Reofod and clan Dywar. But because of a cataclysm clan Reofod's city was destroyed and most of them died. Clan was extinct. But clan's very powerful wizard survived and thought that the cataclysm was clan Dywar's act and turned into necromancy. Hundred years passed, wizard gained immortality by a deal with death god and got power to rise undead. He summoned bodies of his clan warriors to destroy clan Dywar. Now city of Reofod is in siege against undead wrath of clan Dywar.
Necromancer has also some control for demons and in some nights city Reofod streets are attacked by strange demonic creatures. City really needs help to survive.
Explanation: Resident Evil gave idea of zombies and Outbreak of demonic monsters in nightly streets. Dynasty Warriors gave idea for war, siege, armies and clans.

Extremely Powerful Magical Artifact
Games: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: Echoes Of Time, Fallout 3, Quake III Revolution
Description: Staff with crystal too powerful for mankind. It can bend time, bring great destruction and shoot magical rays of different types.
Explanation: I made this really simple. Final Fantasy gave crystal and power to bend time, Fallout destructive powers and Quake shooting rays. It doesn't always have to be complicated.

All the examples here were created rolling randomly from a list of my games. For variety I ignored same results though. All descriptions were written immediately and most of the ideas had their shape during the process. I didn't use any extra time to perfect these. I did them as fast as possible. Basically rolling dice, determining games and writing and then rolling next and so on.

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