Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Discussing V:tM character over msn

Ok, I still haven't had time to read W:tF because of difficulties in real life (for example dog got sick) but I miss roleplaying. We did rpg almost every night after all duties done. So, there has been a big gap in our evenings. I thought, we might make a Vampire: the Masquerade character as both of us are really familiar with that game to entertain us untill I finish reading W:tF and we can continue that.

She wasn't so excited on creating a character, so as a joke when we talked about it I told her, that she could play a Brujah homosexual embraced in 80's with leather cap, pants and vest and all that stereotypical gay-culture stuff... After it I went to other room and we continued to discuss in msn. Here is what we talked about (yes, even if we both are finnish we did talk originally in english, so this is not a translation):

[20:08:56] Astro-Vampire says:
so what will we does? no vamps cos u too lazy to colour dots and my pre-made character wasn't good enough for you *-)

[20:09:38] Astro-Vampire says:
hey i got another concept also!!!

[20:09:51] Cthulhu says:
i dun like gay vampirez >.<

[20:09:52] Astro-Vampire says:
you can choose :))

[20:10:33] Astro-Vampire says:
ok, this one is assamite. really exotic and sexy with not much on her. only little pvc bikinis. she has also katana, she doesn't talk much but kills and sexes even more! she is lethal and flirty and kills and kills yey

[20:10:47] Astro-Vampire says:
her name is Shadowpussy!

[20:11:17] Astro-Vampire says:
she knows assamite stuff quietus, celerity and obtenebration so she is like this fucking killing machine!

[20:12:21] Astro-Vampire says:
and she does jobs for vamps who wanna get rid of someone, but she also kills those who employ her, cos she doesn't like taking orders. and oh oh she leaves used tampone on the scene! so ppl know it was she who killed that vamp. "Bloody tampone on the night, they whisper and shiver."

[20:12:58] Cthulhu says:
that almost sounded "good" until i read the tampåån part -.-

[20:13:39] Astro-Vampire says:
and when she is horny, she'll have sex but kill her partner after act, so no one can tell he had sex with her. well, basically she kills everyone XD

[20:13:54] Cthulhu says:

[20:14:12] Astro-Vampire says:
and she has lesbian girlfriend who is fairy :D changeling fairy.

[20:14:27] Cthulhu says:
ooh, really nice....

[20:14:28] Cthulhu says:

[20:14:37] Astro-Vampire says:

[20:14:53] Astro-Vampire says:
ok, but that contract killer part with all those awesome super powers and tight outfit and katana

[20:15:28] Cthulhu says:
yeah, only a man wants to make a char like that

[20:15:36] Astro-Vampire says:

[20:15:40] Cthulhu says:

[20:15:47] Astro-Vampire says:
that was SO sexist!

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