Monday, November 30, 2009

At last, new game what is kicking

There was a period gaming did not run smoothly. I had ideas and was eager to play, but for some reason after last long Vampire: the Masquerade campaing lost my muse of storytelling. I don't say that I didn't want to play, but somehow it just didn't work well. Tons of ideas, but as I said, lost my muse.

After V:tM campaing we tried to start part 2 of it. From where last campaing ended but for some reason that character was done. She had so many experiences in her previous game, that it was hard to get something new to start with. So, it was a sad decision, but she retired.

After it we had a small break from gaming. I had tons of ideas I wanted to run but for some reason none of those happened. Or they did start and died soon after. One what took longer was Werewolf: the Forsaken, but there was problems. Main problem was that I wasn't fully familiar with system and setting, so game was not running smoothly at all. And I am oWoD guy so Forsaken, even if it is damn cool, didn't feel right. I mean, that I enjoy oWoD and like playing it, so starting nWoD was like breaking the canon somehow. Luckily I got my hands on Werewolf: the Apocalypse, but at that time inspiration with gaming died because of frustration in Forsaken. I wish I first had Apocalypse to try, maybe that Werewolf game would still run.

Side note: There is nothing wrong with nWoD and I have around 10 books for it, but somehow even if I like collecting nWoD I like playing old.

After unsuccesful Werewolf: the Forsaken I started to dream running All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and got an idea of BBQ From Hell (mentioned it here). Unfortunately my girlfriend just didn't get really excited about zombies. So, it didn't happen. Maybe after a break and games what did not work she wanted something good to start, not just test game I suppose. I am still hoping, that when we get to game to be awesome again, she is more open to new experiences. We also rolled her a character in Praedor (which we had few years campaing in past) but she didn't get excited about her drunken old adventurer. No wonder. Quite randomly generated character.

Nothing seemed to bring back the muse, so needed to go back to basics. Quess what that is. Vampire: the Masquerade. Again. This time her character is Nosferatu chick. She had wanted to play Nosferatu since Bloodlines PC game, and now we started it. Game runs smoothly, gaming is fun, adventure is cool, everything is fine.

So, after a break and unsuccesful tries to start new campaing we are back to the basics. I am really happy, and game is running again, but yet I still dream about running other game. There is a solution though. I made a website just for fun (click) where is also a forum. That forum will some day stand for our farp. We are playing active this new Vampire/Nosferatu campaing, but farp I can use to test run other game(s) with my girlfriend. It does not need as much involving, and doesn't need whole night worth of gaming as my gf would rather spend that gaming time with vampire. So, trying to get a farp with her for some other game also. Let's see how that will come.