Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lamentations of the Flame Princess new Rules & Magic PDF download

If you are a fan of LotFP or curious about the game now you can download rules and magic PDF for free!

Go check it out right now! It looks great!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Chainmail bikini statted

Chainmail bikini is one kind of armor that possibly cannot protect you that much. Here's stats for the chainmail bikini and what it actually does.

AC: No change.
Price: 50 gold (silver for LotFP)

If the opponent doesn't hit you roll d20 against your Charisma. If the roll result is below your Charism the opponent is awed and cannot attack you for your Charisma modifier + 1d3 turns (minimum 1 turns).

Every 1000 gold (silver for LotFP) extra you invest in your chainmail bikini you get +1 to your Charisma modifier when wearing it.

Chainmail bikini cannot be used with any other armor (except with helmets and shields if those are separated from other types of armor).

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hattifattener from Moomin - perfect creatures for rpg

I'll just leave the link here. I think that Hattifattener are perfect creatures for any fantastic or even horror roleplaying setting. Go check these little creeps out!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

[LotFP] Alternative skill system with DC

I am perfectly happy with the skill system in Lamentations of the Flame Princess but I cannot help myself when I think alternative rules. I don't necessarily use those myself but I like to create. Here's an alternative skill system for LotFP what is similar to newer Dungeons & Dragons editions.

Difficulty Class

Difficulty Class (DC) is a target number minimum needed for the skill test for a success. DC is determined by the Referee according to the situation. DCs are:

10 - Routine
15 - Challenging
20 - Tough
25 - Hard
30+ - Extreme

Skill Test

Roll d20 and add skill score (1 to 6) and ability modifier. If the task is something character class is supposed to be good at add also ½ of the level (round down).

Formula: d20 + skill + ability modifier (+ ½ character's class)

If the result is higher than the DC the task is a success.

Natural 20 is always a successful result except in Extreme difficulty class

Natural 1 is always a botch. Character doesn't only fail but something unexpected and negative happens.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mutant Future - No guns for 1st levels

The title says it; in Mutant Future starting characters can't buy guns and firearms. There are two equipment lists: basic equipment for character creation purchase and the complete equipment list.

My experience being a Mutant Lord (wasn't MF game master called that) is with one player, one character around ten gaming sessions. And I am new with the game and genre. Well the Thundarr style (my Mutant Future is more like Fallout at the moment). But I think that's cool... the no guns part of the beginning.

This far my player's character has seen guns. Some pistols, hunting rifles and shotguns. Yet she doesn't own any. Funny part is that she had a change to loot some guns but she's kinda new to games where a big point is to collect loot.

But the funny thing is that she's totally ok at the moment being without firearms (or something even bigger). She only has a knife as a weapon. I am curious to see when she tries to get her first weapon to shoot with.

But there's a funny thing. Her character is an android and one of its abilities is to transform into an unicorn shape! Maybe that's one big reason she isn't that interested in firearms (yet) because her character can trample with hooves and stab with horn.

I am curious how you and your players feel about starting characters being melee only? One thing I am especially curious about: when you start Mutant Future with your 10th character doesn't it get a little old? To not buy weapons but gain those anyways somehow during the adventures? Or do you at some point just allow starting characters tho obtain some (or suitable) weapons? Share your experiences!