Friday, December 21, 2012

Hattifattener from Moomin - perfect creatures for rpg

I'll just leave the link here. I think that Hattifattener are perfect creatures for any fantastic or even horror roleplaying setting. Go check these little creeps out!


Jonas said...

Hattifattener also fit as strange encounter on alien world in scifi game, they really would be alien creatures not dudes with weird stuff glued to forehead.

Other creature of moomin stories that fits perfectly to almost any fantasy rpg should be the Groke, terrible yet tragic creature that is embodiment of loneliness, thing of fear, darkness and cold. That terrible cold that gnaws the soul in dark months when sun does not shine upon us and wind chills the bones. She seeks warmth and company out of loneliness and extinguishes any warmth she finds.

Unknown said...

Oh yes! I love Groke. There are also other great creatures in Moomin like Icequeen (what was that called again? The one what frosts everything and she has those strange star like feet I remember).