Saturday, August 31, 2013

[MF] Mauriainen, the antmen

New monster for Mutant Future.

Mauriainen, the antmen

Before world went gonzo, apocalyptic and toxic mauriainen were ordinary, small black ants. Originally harmless but annoying and covetous for sweets they are now changed.

Half a size of a human torso on a big dog sized ant body they protect their nests and gather sweets. Not the most notorious warriors, but their force is many.

Mauriainen are great architects but their technology level is next to nothing. For weapons they use spear like pointy sticks or metal bars.

They have only one big weakness; they dread fire to a frenzy.

No. Enc.: 3d6 (3d6x100)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 150' (50')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: 1 (spear or bite)
Damage: 1d6 or 1d4
Save: L4
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: *Special 20% Foodstuff and Junk; 10% Drugs, Chemicals, and Medical Devices

Frenzy: When mauriainen encounters fire (at least a torch) roll 1d6:
1: Mauriainen frenzies and attacks nearest target friend or fo and then flees
2-4: Mauriainen flees
6: Mauriainen attacks itself biting 1d3 rounds, then flees

Notes: These critters were something my player encountered in my Mutant Future campaign. Player character needed sweets and junkfood and mauriainen nest is your best bet to find those. Only problem is, that it's a nest crawling with these defending critters. Luckily, the player character had a home-made flame thrower... But that's another topic!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An interesting view on Werewolf: the Apocalypse by Sami Koponen

Picture from

Sami Koponen has appeared (at least) twice in my blog. First time when I interviewed him and second time as a "quest" writer.

The small background is, that he helped me. A lot. And I wanted to give him my copy of Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd edition. Sami's a great rpg friend and a good writer.

But anyways, this is what he wrote about the game:

(The first link is in Finnish. But no worries, the following is Google Translated. Disclaimer: Google Translate and English to Finnish suck like Hydra's kiss. Bad.)

Link to Google translated Efemeros article HERE!

I enjoyed the text a lot.