Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too much great rpg's

I have nice Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle running (blogging it in finnish), yet my game shelf is full of interesting products calling my name. Reading them is fun, but trying them out would be more fun. Unfortunately there is not enough time to learn them properly, and even less time to run them. As I have this V:tM chronicle going on, I wouldn't want to put it on pause to try something else. There is always a risk, that game gets stuck where it is last left for some time.

If I am so darn busy, how can I storytell Vampire then? Reason is simple, game is familiar, I know the rules and setting already. It is easy to just grab and start playing right away!

Games, what I own and I would really like to give a shot, are:

- All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I know I did plan running BBQ from hell, but it never quite worked out. Thanks to learning rules and writing a campaing. I just didn't have enough time for that at the time. AFMBE would be nice for one-two-shots though, as there is survival and if character dies, it is because of the genre. Usually I don't prefer characters dying in the middle of story, but in the case of AMFBE it wouldn't matter that much. Zombies won!

- Star Wars SAGA. D20 is not exactly my game, but still this game feels good. I have read it from here and there, skipping pages, but hey, it's Star Wars and it is asking to great adventures, drama and action. And somehow I got a feeling that D20 suits it quite well! Not sure does D20 win D6 system, but I'd give D20 a shot in this case. If I'd run SW Saga, character should be a jedi. What's the point running short adventure of SW if you play some pilot, or rebel scout? None! You can play those character archtypes in any scifi rpg out there, but playing a jedi? That is what SW Saga is for.

- Unknown Armies. I like horror, alot. Somehow though even if I love Kult's setting, the rules don't tickle me from right places. UA could be answer to that. I also have heard that it is a good game, with good rules, and setting is also grim and good. Haven't read it actually much, so cannot say much about it. Still I am curious towards it.

- Call of Cthulhu. Hey, everyone loves CoC, right? What would be better for horror-mystery game than CoC? Yes, I know, nothing. CoC is a legend in roleplaying games. It is old, but still kickin'. Agatha Christie meets monsters from the deep... priceless.

- Savage Worlds. This one I have heard alot of good also. I also got free download of demo rules (Test Drive version 6), and it seems cool game. Fast, simple rules, not much accounting. Flaw is that it runs better with miniatures what I don't prefer much. And this test drive rules is cool. It pretty well shows what game is about and it looks neat too. Unfortunately there is no setting or world to play with, but I've found nice Aliens versus Preadator stats for it, what would be cool to try out. I was thinking about gettind Deadlands Reloaded, but it is quite expensive for now.

- Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Yeah, started playing Werewolf: the Forsaken and it was cool. Unfortunately game basically died because of my lack of knowing rules and world properly. And there is something in nWoD I don't quite like. Not sure what it is. Even if I have heard that Forsaken is Better than Apocalypse, I think for me Apocalypse is more fun to read and run. I was fortunate to get Apocalypse by luck some time ago, but haven't had time to read it yet. But it would most definately be a game I would run immediately, if I knew it well enough. nWoD might be better than oWoD, but oWoD has magik!

- Violence RPG. I am not sure is it ment to be just a joke, or can you actually play it. It is fun to read, even if sometimes it just get's too harsh on text. Rules are fun to read, because writer gives the picture he is inventing rules same time he is writing the game. And the rules... pffft, they are a bit complicated. Still, I'd give it a shot, just for fun. Not sure though, will I ever.

- Fading Suns. Love the setting, rules are ok. Have so good memories of campaing what was a diamond. That is a great game. Still, not sure if I will play it any time soon. Too much things to do, and still, I have those good memories of it.

Monday, November 30, 2009

At last, new game what is kicking

There was a period gaming did not run smoothly. I had ideas and was eager to play, but for some reason after last long Vampire: the Masquerade campaing lost my muse of storytelling. I don't say that I didn't want to play, but somehow it just didn't work well. Tons of ideas, but as I said, lost my muse.

After V:tM campaing we tried to start part 2 of it. From where last campaing ended but for some reason that character was done. She had so many experiences in her previous game, that it was hard to get something new to start with. So, it was a sad decision, but she retired.

After it we had a small break from gaming. I had tons of ideas I wanted to run but for some reason none of those happened. Or they did start and died soon after. One what took longer was Werewolf: the Forsaken, but there was problems. Main problem was that I wasn't fully familiar with system and setting, so game was not running smoothly at all. And I am oWoD guy so Forsaken, even if it is damn cool, didn't feel right. I mean, that I enjoy oWoD and like playing it, so starting nWoD was like breaking the canon somehow. Luckily I got my hands on Werewolf: the Apocalypse, but at that time inspiration with gaming died because of frustration in Forsaken. I wish I first had Apocalypse to try, maybe that Werewolf game would still run.

Side note: There is nothing wrong with nWoD and I have around 10 books for it, but somehow even if I like collecting nWoD I like playing old.

After unsuccesful Werewolf: the Forsaken I started to dream running All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and got an idea of BBQ From Hell (mentioned it here). Unfortunately my girlfriend just didn't get really excited about zombies. So, it didn't happen. Maybe after a break and games what did not work she wanted something good to start, not just test game I suppose. I am still hoping, that when we get to game to be awesome again, she is more open to new experiences. We also rolled her a character in Praedor (which we had few years campaing in past) but she didn't get excited about her drunken old adventurer. No wonder. Quite randomly generated character.

Nothing seemed to bring back the muse, so needed to go back to basics. Quess what that is. Vampire: the Masquerade. Again. This time her character is Nosferatu chick. She had wanted to play Nosferatu since Bloodlines PC game, and now we started it. Game runs smoothly, gaming is fun, adventure is cool, everything is fine.

So, after a break and unsuccesful tries to start new campaing we are back to the basics. I am really happy, and game is running again, but yet I still dream about running other game. There is a solution though. I made a website just for fun (click) where is also a forum. That forum will some day stand for our farp. We are playing active this new Vampire/Nosferatu campaing, but farp I can use to test run other game(s) with my girlfriend. It does not need as much involving, and doesn't need whole night worth of gaming as my gf would rather spend that gaming time with vampire. So, trying to get a farp with her for some other game also. Let's see how that will come.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AFMBE scenario, BBQ from hell

I am currently totally into All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I haven't yet read full book but am already halfway done. Game is neat. Rules are easy and neat.

I know, you can play zombie-games in almost any rpg you got. There is zombies in D&D, and in Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, even Fading Suns has sort of zombies. But whole game about zombies is fantastic.

As in other games zombies are just one template in AFMBE you can create unlimited amount of your own zombies and customize them to be different in every campaing. There is no two similar zombies.

Also rules are quite lite. Basically add attribute + skill and throw D10. Add them and see did you get over target number 9. Easy. Ofcourse there is a bit more, but basics are simple. There is also rules to use regular playing cards or diceless system.

So, what is BBQ from hell all about? It is based on a dream I had one night. Neighbours (player characters) have gathered in saturday evening for a nice barbequing when husband asks his wife to go fetch some cigs from their home. Wife notices drunken and wobbling person on their frontyard but ignores him. When she peeks from their window, is that drunken dude still around he is. Drunken dude rises his head, his eyes are grey and mouth filled with blood.

And the zombie-survival starts.

There will be involved controlled goverment test. There will be zombies to avoid and army that will keep you inside the city at any cost. You cannot get out or be shot and it is only a matter of a time will you either be eaten by zombies or be zombified yourself. And you don't have much time to survive, as army is going to burn the whole town down...

I will write this as pdf-file ready to play zombie scenario. Just need to write idea down, get some hotspots characters to possibly to visit, create some other npc survivors and ofcourse, create the zombies! I need to read rulebook to get those npc's and zombies going, but otherwise it is just writing. A bit railroading? Could be at the beginning atleast to get things working properly as intended. This will be first AFMBE scenario I write and will be first fan-based bublish I have ever done to share with others. And I am waiting for it like zombie is waiting for his brain-porridge meal.

So, when I know rules and get the writing done, be prepared for...

BBQ from Hell!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Many names for GM

Game Master, the term what defines who will run the game, atmosphere, scenes and non-player characters in game. I think Game Master or GM is the common term for that person around the gaming table involving the rpg session. Still, many games use their own terms to determine the "leader" of the game.

I was wondering, does people usually use the term "game master" involving all games regardless what game suggest the term for gm in that particular game is, or does Dungeon & Dragons players use Dungeon Master also in other games, as they are used to that term?

As I said Game Master is the common term for that particular player, but there is also similar terms used, like in D&D Dungeon Master and some funny adaptations in game's mood, like All Flesh Must Be Eaten's Zombie Master what suits the game well. White Wolf's World of Darkness game line uses term "storyteller", as game's are so called "storytelling" games where mood, characters and story are focused over killing and looting. I like that term the most and prefer to use it in most games I play.

A bit harder term is found in Call of Cthulhu, where Game Master is "keeper". Keeper is quite clever but I am not sure is it wildly used or functional enough term.

In the end it doesn't matter are you Game Master, Dungeon Master, Zombie Master, Storyteller or Keeper, in every games regardless of term your role in game is similar. Still I would say, when talking about rpg's generally the term "Game Master" or GM is well known, so it is used the most.

Spooky: The definitive guide to horror gaming

This is last game I got. It was a really positive surprise, as I thought it is just a general guide for horror roleplaying, but soon I found out it also includes simple horror rpg rules, what is cool. Not just a info packet here, but an actually game.

What I look at the book, I like alot the cover art. It somehow reminds me of comic books. It has few details and is very lively. Also black and white print suits the cover really great.

Illustration generally varies a lot. Best of the pictures in this book are good enough, but worst suck alot. Worst pictures must be either really amateur or stupid cartoonish would-be-funny-but-fail-miserabely-in-horror-game-book styled. Good part is, that there is also those nice pictures around. Somehow illustration reminds me a bit of old finnish rpg's.

The book is not that long, only slightly over 100 pages. But what I have shuffled it quickly it seems to be full of useful fluff for horror gaming and hints to gm's for a good horror session. Cannot say more though, as haven't read it. What I have read online about it, it seems to be good book.

Can't wait to have time to start reading it, as it seems to be really nice rpg book for a horror fan like myself. Not sure will I use rules or only advices presented there for other games, but I think I will give the rules their change also. Also after reading and testing it I am planning to review it completely.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

All Flesh Must Be Excel

Today, as I noticed that I don't have a single AFMBE character sheet printed. Usually the game you currently are most interested in doesn't have ready character sheets in hand. I flapped the rule book, checked out character sheet and decided that it is not too complicated to do with Excel. And Excel is good in that way, you can easily use it also with computer. Really handy, as I don't own currenlty a printer, so only option if would like to record character is handwrite it, or use computer.

I share it also here, as I did in roolipelit.net. You can find character sheet here (site in finnish).
It is also hosted here (klick to download), @ http://www.fileshost.com/.

It is not suppose to be different, artistic or anything, but just a simple character sheet for zombie crisis, when there is no printer available.

Ninjas, vampires, vampire ninjas... failure

At some point I was thinking after sawing the movie Chanbara Beauty, that I would mix assamites, katanas and ninja-action together. But quess what, not everything is ment to be mixed with Vampire: the Masquerade. At first the idea sounded fun, but when playing it few times I suddenly realized that even if katana is cool, ninja is cool and vampire is cool, together they are ridiculous.

I don't say, that ninja katana game wouldn't be fun, but there is some limits for it. There is lots of games and systems you can play that type of action packed slicing and sneaking, but I think Vampire is for different kind of gaming after all.

Looking at my game shelf and thinking what games would have been better for that kind of action than choosing V:tM.

For Chanbara Beauty like zombie katana action, All Flesh Must Be Eaten would have done it well, I suppose. I only have read the Introductory pack but the rules are quite lite what means quick play. I am not sure what kind of martial arts or hand-to-hand manouvers basic rules have to offer.

Code/X could work, it is also simple system, but it is more like military operations spec ops game than ninja-action.

Cyberpunk v.3 not sure at all, it is too intimidating and damn ugly to even open anymore. I tried to read it but couldn't. Though if I had CP2020 I would check it out if it could handle the ninja stuff.

Kult has martial arts skills and manouvers, but for me the system is a bit too clumsy. Great setting, but rules could be better. And for that ninja stuff all supernatural and occult stuff presented in book are not necessary at all. So only rules would be used, and that would be failure for me.

New World of Darkness core rules. They are simple and easy to apply, but somehow too simple for me. Or I don't just get them right. There is Armory Reloaded what introduces more combat rules, but I don't own it. As how nWoD rules are presented in core book, they are easy and fast, but a bit too simple for my purpose.

Old World of Darkness/Vampire: the Masquerade rules are great, and work in the purpose, but as I said in the beginning, mixing vampires into ninjas and katanas is a bit too much for me.

Unknown Armies could work, what I have read it I like the rules. They are also quite simple. Not sure though, how does it handle the martial arts and melee fighting and acrobatics and other special and neat manouvers. And there is also that supernatural background what would not be useful in my action game.

Problem is, there is some setting I own could handle the ninja-stuff, but any of them doesn't sound cool or useful, let's say "agile" enough to handle it properly. And many of those games are horror, what is not needed for that scene. I am not sure what game would do it for me, maybe Feng Shui? Haven't actually played nor read it ever, but it might be that hong kong action game what could handle it well what I tried and failed with V:tM.

If I find a cheap copy of Feng Shui somewhere, I might try it out.

Oh, and I have downloaded pdf of Violence roleplaying game. Not sure though, is it for more brutal action. Like not sneaking behind your enemy and slitting his throat open, but hitting your opponent with a log and spitting on him. Could check that out soon enough though.

Monday, September 28, 2009

World of Darkness with miniatures and battlemap?

This is a thing I have thought sometimes, does any WoD/Storytelling player use miniatures or battle maps. I came to a conclusion, that no. Surely in some action based scenes and fights people certainly use some kind of game marks and maps to point positions, but playing it like miniature strategy, no.

Then I started to read Werewolf: the Apocalypse and found, that there is in rules actually lite rules for miniature fights with World of Darkness rules. They are basically the same you use with regular play, only with addition for grids, facing, movement etc. rules specifically used in miniatures.

I thought it a bit and was "yeah, why not". Actually, rules did not differ from regular Storytelling rules, there was just addition to move those little guys on grid, but I thought, as I love Storytelling rules in general above all, why wouldn't it be good for miniatures also?

They are enough simple so action will be fast. Also only imagination is a limit what characters can do thanks to that simple system. Also all manouvers used in minis are used, like aiming, hand-to-hand etc.

I started to think about it and realized, as I like WoD and have played miniature games in the past (mostly Necromunda) and enjoyed them back then, why cannot mix game I like the most with miniature battles.

To think about it, two teams, Vampires versus Werewolf for example. And werewolf characters in wolf or near-wolf form could be used from several fantasy miniatures, for human-form-werewolven and vampires you can use many modern or near future characters. There is lots of ready obstacles, but they are also quite easy to make yourself from household items and used packages.

Would be pretty cool, to have some fight with miniatures based on city or chronicle what you have been roleplayed in. Vampires vs. Werewolves, Sabbat vs. Camarilla.

Could be fun!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New games: Pendragon and Werewolf: the Apocalypse

I got today my new games and retrieved them from post office. Bought them via roolipelit.net forum.

For first I was intentend to buy only Werewolf: the Apocalypse, but also got Pendragon on the top of that. I am very pleased with the deal. Thanks to the seller.

I was very excited when coming home with the box and opening it. First I got Werewolf on my hands and it looked really cool. 2nd edition it is, with purple cover and that scratch on top you can see through in inner page.
Pendragon was a real surprise. I definately have had it on my hands, I must have had it I don't doubt it but also don't recon it, so it looked so thick... and big. When I started to check it out I was awed. So full of information, propably historically quite accurate also (according to bibliography). Several pages without rules just fluff for game, not so bad pictures (nor great either). Surprise was also that publisher of Pendragon is Chaosium what for me has a reputation of quality games (for example Call of Cthulhu). Second surprise was that cover art is made by a guy named Stephen King! I am not sure, is it the same King as my favourite horror author, or just a random guy with same name. But it is pretty cool still.

So, just got yet again two more games in my collection. Werewolf what I have been wanting for many many years and Pendragon, what was really a positive surprise.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

V:tM - From idea to character

In last post I posted that not so serious discussion about new Vampire-character, and actually after joking about it we took a bit more serious aspect on it and actually, kind of had an idea for new vampire few-shot (one shot with few sessions ;) )

So, character will be assasin, from clan Assamite. But game starts where she is held captive, and all her memories are wiped out. She has no idea what has happened, where she is etc. So, game basically starts like this cliche action movie, but it is the purpose of the game. Action and fun.

Character is Assamite, who cannot remember who she is, who did she work for, where she is or why is she held captive. I first thought, that basic Vampire character creation for starting characters is a bit too low. I wanted player to have this character, what is really a capable assasin and can easily kill like 10 normal mobs without even getting seriously hurt. So, I decided to add points to character sheet for the player as I saw how it will fit, not based on any pre-written amount of dots to spend.

I know, character is a bit overpowered, but if we start to play this capable assasin, she should be cool and tough and skillful character, not a noob. We aren't intended to start play from 13th generation starting noob, and play untill she has diablerised enough baddies (or good guys) to lower her generation and gained enough experience points for delivering packets to be capable killer. Nah, I wanted to start straight away from the fun part, not start playing pre-fun part (to develope character by missions/quests/what ever to get to fun part...)

I haven't yet calculated how much character is already worth of xp, but will do it. To be honest, character isn't yet fully ready, as I am reading currenlty Player's Guide to Sabbat (in rpg.net) book for some neat new disciplines, merits, paths and such stuff. So, after I find out is there some really neat stuff in that book I could use in this character and chronic, I'll calculate how much the character is worth of points.

When I storytell (game master, what ever) I usually don't plan that much for the game, but mere go with the flow. Game developes while playing it, it is not pre-written adventure I am reading for player(s). But this time, I thought I'd write or plan some kind of starting point and ending. But I will keep the rest a bit open, so there is several ways to go to the end. It will involve betraying, action, assasination, all the good stuff great movies are made of. I will watch some movies for inspiration, I think anime will be big part for that.
This is not going to be dead serious vampires sitting around table and talking all night long Camarilla politics. No, this will be assasination action play with all awesome and cool stuff, and yeah, there will be blood, and vampires. You know, like some stupid teenager's or anime nerd's wet dream. This won't be regular World of Darkness vampires, no, but this will be damn awesome anime styled bloody action! With vampires. And ninjas, and machine guns. This will be so awesome!

I am sure, that V:tM rules will work just fine for this game. Even, if V:tM rules has been quite much discussed about how good or broken they are, for me they are neat. One of best rules there is, I even like oWoD rules way much more than nWoD rules. Don't know why is that. Call me fanatic, call me stupid, but old World of Darkness rocks! And now I will see, what kind of will be to play awesome Vampire: the Masquerade, but put more awesomeness in it. It will be like, double-awesome!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Discussing V:tM character over msn

Ok, I still haven't had time to read W:tF because of difficulties in real life (for example dog got sick) but I miss roleplaying. We did rpg almost every night after all duties done. So, there has been a big gap in our evenings. I thought, we might make a Vampire: the Masquerade character as both of us are really familiar with that game to entertain us untill I finish reading W:tF and we can continue that.

She wasn't so excited on creating a character, so as a joke when we talked about it I told her, that she could play a Brujah homosexual embraced in 80's with leather cap, pants and vest and all that stereotypical gay-culture stuff... After it I went to other room and we continued to discuss in msn. Here is what we talked about (yes, even if we both are finnish we did talk originally in english, so this is not a translation):

[20:08:56] Astro-Vampire says:
so what will we does? no vamps cos u too lazy to colour dots and my pre-made character wasn't good enough for you *-)

[20:09:38] Astro-Vampire says:
hey i got another concept also!!!

[20:09:51] Cthulhu says:
i dun like gay vampirez >.<

[20:09:52] Astro-Vampire says:
you can choose :))

[20:10:33] Astro-Vampire says:
ok, this one is assamite. really exotic and sexy with not much on her. only little pvc bikinis. she has also katana, she doesn't talk much but kills and sexes even more! she is lethal and flirty and kills and kills yey

[20:10:47] Astro-Vampire says:
her name is Shadowpussy!

[20:11:17] Astro-Vampire says:
she knows assamite stuff quietus, celerity and obtenebration so she is like this fucking killing machine!

[20:12:21] Astro-Vampire says:
and she does jobs for vamps who wanna get rid of someone, but she also kills those who employ her, cos she doesn't like taking orders. and oh oh she leaves used tampone on the scene! so ppl know it was she who killed that vamp. "Bloody tampone on the night, they whisper and shiver."

[20:12:58] Cthulhu says:
that almost sounded "good" until i read the tampåån part -.-

[20:13:39] Astro-Vampire says:
and when she is horny, she'll have sex but kill her partner after act, so no one can tell he had sex with her. well, basically she kills everyone XD

[20:13:54] Cthulhu says:

[20:14:12] Astro-Vampire says:
and she has lesbian girlfriend who is fairy :D changeling fairy.

[20:14:27] Cthulhu says:
ooh, really nice....

[20:14:28] Cthulhu says:

[20:14:37] Astro-Vampire says:

[20:14:53] Astro-Vampire says:
ok, but that contract killer part with all those awesome super powers and tight outfit and katana

[20:15:28] Cthulhu says:
yeah, only a man wants to make a char like that

[20:15:36] Astro-Vampire says:

[20:15:40] Cthulhu says:

[20:15:47] Astro-Vampire says:
that was SO sexist!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Advantages and disadvantages of nWoD

There has been lots of discussion over the internet about one major advantage in nWoD. When you buy World of Darkness core rule book, you basically buy rules set only once. After it you decide by buying the supplement you want to run or play. You don't have to buy basic rules over and over again with every new book. Also, the rules are the same for every "race" was it Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Changelings, Hunters etc. In those supplement books come ofcourse additional rules for those "races" but core books are always the same. Always the one you originally bought in that one - World of Darkness - book.

But, even if that explained upper is a great advantage, there is also a minor disadvantage. You always have to have (atleast) two books in hand. For example, if running Werewolf: the Forsaken book you need to have World of Darkness book for general game rules and also W:tF book for Werewolf special rules (and setting).

As played today Werewolf: the Forsaken, I noticed that I have to check two separate books to figure out how things work. That was kind of a annoyance. It reminds me a bit of Dungeons & Dragons where you got own book for GM, other for players, third for monsters and possibly fourth for setting. And few extra books for advanced rules and other supplements.

Before, when I played Vampire: the Masquerade and Vampire: the Dark Ages it was quite simple. I basically just needed one book to run the game. Still, even if I had to buy rules several times with every new book, all I needed was within one cover.

Conclusion for nWoD is not absolute. It is good thing that you only buy one time the rules and the space used in next books is not repeated over and over again, but yet you need several books in hand to run the game.

Friday, August 7, 2009

New exciting games

I had some new games this month, and are quite excited of them. Two past years I have had games total more than last 7 years, so my game shelf is growing quite well at the moment. There is always space for new games, even if I am not planning to run them. Shelf full of roleplaying games is just beautiful, yet nerd. Well, when it comes to rpg's, I like nerd. Alot.

My new games are the following:

Ikuisuuden laakso. Finnish rpg about penguins and anti-penguins. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Well it is. Innovative, cool exciting, dramatic. Even if that game has penguins on it, it is not cute. Those penguins do get in dangers, some of them are cast away from their society because of their wrong colouring and are doomed to live their life of anti-penguins. Seagulls steal their eggs and hunting fish for food from sea is always a danger. And those penguins do battle their bloody clan-wars. Sadly Ikuisuuden laakso is available only in finnish, as I see it could be quite big hit in it's own little fanbase, if it ever would grow it. There is not much new for roleplaying in that game, yet it feels fresh. And it has dicepools, what I adore the most from dice systems!

Itran kaupunki is a translation from norvegian rpg. It is quite different, as it is surrealistic rpg with feeling of noir. I haven't read it yet, but the concept is quite fascinating. As I have read it from here and there, it is nice book to read certainly. But I am not sure has it any value to play. I mean, it is fun to read, but as a roleplaying game it doesn't hit the spot for me.

Kätyrin osa (My life with master). Finnish translation from english game. I had so big expectations for this game, and have to say, they were all filled and I got more from this small rpg book. This game's concept and idea are awesome. Totally awesome. It works well, is interensting, it has clear ending and goal, it is horror with moral questions you can win. There is nothing wrong here. This will be my first indie/forge game I will run, and I look forward to it. This rocks hard!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hard to learn

I have now Storytelled new World of Darkness mortal horror/mystery game for a while, and it is supposed to turn into Werewolf: the Forsaken, as character is assumed to go first change soon in chronicle. But there is a problem.

World of Darkness core rules were easy and fast to read and learn. There was no question or problem on them. Well, basically they are just core-rules and World of Darkness is already familiar to me and I had image of dicepool system from oWoD series so it was simple to learn and ready-to-play in two evenings.

Now I have tried to read Werewolf: the Forsaken so character can go first change when ever it suits the chronicle. But there is a problem for me. I don't know am I stupid nowadays or what is wrong with me. I have read, played and game mastered dozens of systems, but why is this nearly impossible obstacle for me?

Ok, first of all, book is quite heavy. And as I know there is not wasted space for same rules WoD-core introduces, W:tF book is huge! I know White Wolf has this style of writing games full of examples and quite longish explanations on things with tons of fiction. They are nice to read and don't seem as much as an game book. But, simple things are usually explained complicated. You can read several pages of something what could have been told in few sentences more clearly.

For some reason, as I read W:tF it just doesn't make any sense to me. I get so damn frustrated for it. I have no idea why it seems to be so hard to understand. We tried to make character, or actually add Werewolf template to current campaign's character but couldn't do it! Ok, almost everything got filled but there is some unexplained gaps there.

Am I the only one, or am I just so stupid I got hard time learning Werewolf: the Forsaken? What is wrong with me or my learning? Am I too old or have I played too long same games so learning new is a bit troubling for me? Do I need a hint, what game is about so it opens to me and I get full insight of it? *sigh* I _have_ to learn it soon, or our World of Darkness campaing stays in mortal, forever.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Magic item for fantasy settings

Great wizard Munchkin' A'lot presents:
The great magic ring of encumbrance penalty nullifier
It was a time, when wizard did adventure. It was a time long ago, as the wizard nowadays is very old. And wealthy of mass producting his magically crafted ring of The great magic ring of encumbrance nullifier.
See, this now old and ridiculously wealthy wizard used to travel and adventure at his youth. He had this comrade, Borak The Big Barbarian. You quessed right. Borak had his birthname for being a barbarian and a very big barbarian he is.
At the time when wizard and barbarian did travel and adventure (totally irrelevant how did they met and we talk about magic item here) - and so good they were too - they had a problem. You couldn't stay long enough in the dungeons to get maximum efficiency of looting. You had to head back to nearby town (there is always a town nearby a dungeon, or vice versa did you know) for resting and healing their wounds. And after that when they did return the dungeon they had looted before, it was allways re-occupied by same monsters, they had already slain. What a waste of time it was, but good for experience.
Luckily the nearby villages pharmacist, alchemist or wizard had a stock of various potions to sell from a stock what seemed to be unlimited and never ran out of goods. Only thing they needed was gold. And gold they had plenty as even every lesser rat in dungeon did drop a pile of gold after defeated by barbarian mighty +1 great axe for wizard and barbarian to collect them. And even if gold is known to be heavy, they just ignored it's weight and were able to carry thousands and thousands of pieces with them.
With great stacks of potions bought with ever greater stacks of gold they did travel this dungeon deeper and deeper they ever did before. If they got tired, they had a potion. If they got wounded, they had potion. There was no harm potion did not help. And they were delivered in unbreakable vials too.
When they started to find weapons from bigger monsters of almost human form but intelligence only to attack, they also started to find treasures what apparently those monsters did guard. Who knows did they or didn't? Treasures of golden plates and statues made of diamonds and they got now a new problem even potions couldn't solve; how to carry all that shit back to the town for sell?
Depressed and black was wizard's and barbarian's minds when they returned the town. They changed few looted weapons and found treasure for more gold and headed to the tavern. At this point they were already notably wealthy but it wasn't enough. What other meaning of life there is for an adventurer than loot dungeons for more gold? But they were bored to kill those same monsters over and over again.
Barbarian went drinking, wizard went thinking. More drunk barbarian got more gold he spent on barrels of beer and lap dancers to who barbarian gave more money the prettier they looked. And indeed, more barbarian drank more prettier those old hags changed in his drunken view. They were starting to run out of gold.
The wizard started to work his idea to magic and magic to item. He called this experiment "an idea of the magic item" and was pretty pleased with himself for coming up with so good idea for the name of his idea. What a witty name it was. And great idea too.
Several rolls of... moon he worked on it. A ring, what he called it to be. But it was no ordinary ring. It was an idea of the magic item ring. Special ring just for adventurers like he and barbarian were back in those old-school days, how wizard likes to call them.
The idea of the idea of the magic item ring was simple. You put it on your finger and can carry as much loot on yourself as you wish. Now they had potions to endure in dungeon as long as they wanted, and also a magic ring to carry as much of loot as they could find. No more unecessary hopping between the town and the dungeon.
Now wizard is old and barbarian is old drunk. It doesn't mean they couldn't loot dungeons anymore (thanks to the potion of instant soberness) but they got bored on it and decided to retire as npc's from now on. Still wizard loved gold and wanted a steady flow of income for his old days and barbarians neverending thirst of beer and bad taste of chicks, so he decided to start mass-prod, umm, mass-casting them - for good price ofcourse need I mention that to you? Some just created adventurers have tried to buy the ring right away as they were popped almost like out of nowhere to the town's tavern, but wizard always told them: "rookies, you first need to loot few dungeons, before can buy this" showing his display counter of rings. For fashion aware adventurers they come these days in various colours and shapes too.
Note: Even one groom did once buy that kind of ring for his wedding to be able to carry his newly wed troll-wife over the doorstep.
The great magic ring of encumbrance nullifier does what it's name is. Need I say more?
You can find the tavern where wizard and barbarian are as npc's in the town near your local dungeon. If you want that tavern has a name, it has a name what ever the tavern's name in the town is where characters are located . If you still don't know taverns name, you should contact your game's author you are playing, and insist to know the name of that tavern in that town. Prepare for waiting for the answer though.
When male characters are shopping rings upstairs of the tavern where wizard's room is, female characters can earn few extra gold by giving lap dance for the barbarian. Throw 1D20x100 gold for 10 minutes of dancing. Add 10% if topless.
10% change or result 1-2 on D20 that barbarian has passed out. Then female character must buy 2D3 beers to get him awake and then start dancing.
If male character tries to lap dance barbarian, barbarian instant kills character. No dice needed. Period.
If this is article for magic item, why do I continue giving rules for lap dancing drunken barbarian who is ex-adventurer?
Cost of one ring is loot of 1D6 dungeons.

Notes: I was today quite bored in work, so came up with this just to entertain myself. It is joke, if you did not notice it.
Sorry for all typos and bad english.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Playing "Tähti" in msn

I announced some time ago in roolipelit.net to seek game testers for game Tähti, what I am intended to review and got total of four players to sign in. Only two of them actually played today. It was quite good actually that no more players involved as Tähti is game where characters are in focus. It might have been a bit of a mess with more players.

In general, game went quite well. Players got their role of teenage girl pop-stars well and played their character nicely. There is not so much importance in game mastering the game as there is in players making the story.

I have to say, even if Tähti in the first place is not my type of game, I enjoyed that session. It went well, was quite fun and good for one shots. I planned this game to four scenes and thought one scene lasts about an hour, so we could play whole setting in two days. Still, this first scene took about 2 hours in total with talking pre-game. Tomorrow we are going to play again, and try to get those 3 last scenes through.

Playing table top games via msn is great. You can play with new people basically all over the world and with new people. It doesn't differ too much from table top gaming what farp does. Msn based roleplaying is best for oneshots, but also campaings are possible.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planning to add template to nWoD Mortals

I have Vampire: the Requiem, Werewolf: the Forsaken, Mage: the Awakening and Changeling: the Lost on my bookshelf and was planning to make this mortal character in my new World of Campaign to change in some supernatural being after a while of playing regular mortal horror. I asked my player, what would she like the most his character to become, and she chose W:tF.

Reason for that was we have played lots of vampires in Masquerade setting, so Werewolf would be kind of new experiment and experience for both of us.

There was one question after my players selection of supernatural being her character would become. How do I make her character a werewolf? Character is now 24 years old and usually mortals become werewolves in puberty. I asked that question in roolipelit.net Werewolf: the Forsaken topic (finnish) and got all good and inspiring answers and suggestion, how to do it and am planning to use one of the suggestions made there. I am not going to reveal it here yet, as my player might peek this blog and find the answer, when the exitement of game is ruined.

One problem also was, that I never actually had read Werewolf: the Forsaken, even if I owned it for almost an year this far. I have had some sneak peaks but not actually read it. This had some minor problems, as I didn't know anything about wuffies. Luckily what I have storytelled in game this far, suit for the Werewolf concept more than great. Lucky me, that my imagination went so well with original White Wolf Werewolf fiction.

Now I am storytelling to that first change, and same time reading at haste W:tF rulebook.

nWoD core book is great rule set. Mortals is fun to play. I hope Werewolf: the Forsaken will be atleast good, hopefully great.

Monday, June 29, 2009

First steps with new World of Darkness

I have been quite skeptic towards new World of Darkness games line. What I have read in internet some people adore nWoD over old one, some people despise it. I have to admit, that I had some serious prejudice for it.

Book itself is quite dull. Nothing spectacular for the book what started new World of Darkness line. Artwork is ok at it's best, and quite awful at it's worst. Most of the pictures are quite mediocre. Also there is quite much different shortstories what makes book also thicker, but also gives a bit of insight of the game. How it is intended to play. Most of the stories are ok even if none of them is a masterpiece. In whole book only one story I couldn't read through. It was just too boring for me.

Rules are quite simple. They have the same feeling as oWoD, but still they are different. For some reason I get the expression of a bit more gamistic, D&D like rules set what is strange, as basically rules are a bit easier for example reduced amount of dicepools needed. This feels more like a game. It might be that new WoD is desidned again, and flaws of previous versions have tried to crop out. As oWoD was Storytelling mostly, the new one has had attention more on rules also. I like the concept of the rules. Easy to learn, easy to use. Quite same as old but still brand new.

I started to Storytell World of Darkness Mortals game, with ordinary player character who witnesses supernatural events. It is quite fun, as for ordinary human this personal horror is more easy to provide than horror himself, ie. vampire character. There is something vulnerable in humans (duh) what makes game more mystery- and horror like. Also I can freely use as much stereotypes about supernatural beings in WoD fiction. I can forget all sects, clans, tribes, undead social districts et cetera because they aren't relevant for people. Humans only see the fanged monster lurking in the shadows, they don't see if he is council of city or something else. I like this. And it is so easy to make story go. For vampires (what I had Storytelled past 7 years) it started to get dull. Ok, you are vampire, today what magnificent things you will witness than human, who sees strange patterns in milk when pouring it to glass. Also, if human sees two red eyes in forest, he is terrified for the unknown as vampire would go "Fuck! Werewolf! Let the prince know!" If you get my point.

My style of gaming doesn't inolve that much dice rolling (what I'd like to have more, but the story takes all the attention). There has been few skill checks this far, and for my experience, nWoD runs quite smooth. It has that old WoD feeling, yet it seems to be new. Earlier in this post I Pointed out how for some reason nWoD feels a bit more like "game" as D&D but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

My experience this far of new World of Darkness basic rule set is awe. It is cool, seems fresh (some time last time I took a totally new game for me and ran it), works fine. For horror/supernatural game with humans I like this. If I compare nWoD to other horror games with humans, I think this is most earthly to come by. Characters aren't intelligent investigators searching for ancient mysteries and stumbling on huge monster with tentacles stuck on jaw, they don't have magical powers to be avatars, they don't see through illusion what monsters lurk behind the lie we call reality... In WoD mortals are postmen, worn out cops, office clergs - and in my game - girl working in horse ranch.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The drive of campaing is missing

For some reason, current Vampire: the Masquerade campaign in Iceland is not running as smoothly, as it could. Start was pretty ok, but then it started to freeze a bit. There is too much boring things happening, and the plot seems for me to be kind of... too dull. The game is not advancing basically nowhere for some reason.

I don't know, is it because there is 2,5 (one shorter) campaigns before this with same character and maybe it just feels, that this character has experienced that much, there is not enough "new" or fresh ideas to go with. Maybe I just took a bit too big bit without properly preparing the game. You know, character is the leader of Iceland's underworld... what can she do next? I mean that as she is in such a big position, there is not those common "prince says" missions to do. And when character has that big status, it would be dull if she just did those common run-and-deliver-and-kill-intruders quests as they are ment for neonates. There is not much political aspect either available, as she is only vampire there, except of her most trusted followers ever.

So the campaign is withering because of it's own impossibility, lack of preparations and too high status character. So there is two ways to carry on. Bury the campaign and remember Angelmoon as a cool character or try to continue it with force.

There has been also some things going on without much of logic.

Here is in nutshell some things what has happened this far in campaing:

  • Angelmoon built a new nightclub for herself to attract "weird" humans who can be used as retainers and possibly new kindred if it comes to that point. How to get party good? Drinks mixed with a small amount of Angeline's blood to make those clubbers fancy the club and it's mysterious owner more.
  • Trying to build contacts. There is currently two. Motorcycle gang leader called Spike who looks like whale drifted to shore. Fat-ass bad-ass. Was quite easily to obtain with simple trade. Angelmoon's trusted vale Ex-Humane got Spike stuff, so Spike helps them. Other is dirty cop who uses steroids. Supply him with steroids to get some small favours in trade.
  • Methuselah incident, what I blogged earlier. Sabbat got rid of that Methuselah and Angelmoon's previously known Sabbat member Asmadeus (who actually originally kidnapped her from USA to Iceland) rewarded her with artifact of Ankh from Methuselah's lair. There is a small bug there. Sabbat in "real WoD" would have got rid of Angelmoon and her crew also, but that didn't happen, as Angelmoon and Asmadeus has somekind of silent agreement together.
  • That artifact of Methuselah's Ankh got attention of human from society to prevent humankind to find out those mystical things, that could shake whole mortal world with their excistense. Why there was ancient Egyptian Ankh in Iceland in this case. Angelmoon got a agreement with this human. Human knew that Angelmoon is not human being, but wasn't quite sure what she is. But as that secret sociaty knows there is supernatural things happening in world, he wasn't that curious. Angeline got to keep her Ankh (Toreador she is) but that society's advocate told her, that his society is watching her.
  • And there is Alec. Evil baddest of the bad Nosferatu (also posted about him earlier) who tease Angelmoon and her friends from now and then with his torturous plans. That Nosferatu Alec even did invade Angelmoon's and her coteries private area and Angelmoon's coterie fought that impossible fight back. The point was for Alec to show which of Angelmoon's members are useful and loyal towards her. One did not pass as he did not move his finger to fight.
  • While getting those steroids Ex-Humane and Creep (Angelmoon's Nosferatu in coterie) got hold of 100 kg (what!) of cocaine what they distribute as a payment for certain favours. Who doesn't like white powder eh? Especially when you are forced to sip it. Now there at their backyard is construction site for bunker in power of cocaine. Sweet and stupid. But it is World of Darkness.
  • Summer is long and full of light. There was that situation, that they had to find sanctuarium from sun to be in a whole month in safe. Safe from both humankind and sun in case they fall in torpor. So they did go to old mining site what was rumored to haunt (that was a lair of Tzimisce, what Angelmoon did destroy at previous campaing).
Rest of the game has been quite dull blah-blah. Random things happening and lots, lots of yapping between characters without much of a point. No, I like long irrevelant conversations between characters but still, the drive of this campaing is missing. If I was asked about this campaing "why" the answer would be, "dunno".

So, I am planning to give this campaing a small pause and start playing (and also testing) nWoD vampire. I have some pretty neat ideas for Mexico already. Best part is, that Vampire: the Masquerade has a special place in my heart, it will always be awesome so I can use Vampires in Requiem, but I'll do it a bit differently. Apparently Requiem is different than Masquerade, and it is cool that I can use it for totally different vampire adventures.

Currently I am reading World of Darkness core book and after that Vampire: the Requiem and Shadows of Mexico before kickin' new game in. There is lots of reading though. Three books which two of them are quite heavy. And learning new setting and system is always a struggle. While Masquerade has it's own gravity what makes it to float, I have to carry Requiem as a new game on my own arms. That can be fun learning and using new, but also can make game run a bit slow. Still, waiting for to get to try that one out.

Besides, as a Masquerade fan it is enlightened to know about Requiem as well.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Methuselah in Iceland

Well, I have this Vampire: the Masquerade campaign going on, and I decided to add something "dangerous" to game. Some real threat. Decided, what would be better than a hint character gets, that Methuselah is hidden in the land of Ice!

Ok, Methuselah are really powerful vampires of 4th or 5th generation. Vampires, what Sabbat constantly hunts down to prevent Gehenna, where Methuselah rise from their hidden graves to destroy all vampires! Sounds nice doesn't it?

So, there is rumored to be one Methuselah hidden in Iceland. Player character had a hint of its existence and now is her "job" to find the location of this devourer.

How character is able to find this Methuselah then? I and player gave it a thought and decided, that character might want to try to find and examine some old Icelandic and nordic mythology to find hint of some powerful being what has been "real" to the people of thousands of years back, but on modern ages forgotten. Player announced, that her character tries to Google something what could suit well. I thought, "okay, your character Angelmoon Googles for information, so should you." I asked player to go to Google and show me, what his character finds out.

This addes a bit flavour and exitement to play, as player didn't throw Intelligence+Computer/Investigation difficulty 8 4 successes but actually himself started to find that information as her character was doing. That added something new to our game to actually do something rather than count on dices to determine success.

And there was another great feature in that. For me as Storyteller I wasn't decided in advance, what part of mythology or what ancient being was this supposed Methuselah but player did it for me. She showed the internet page what her character "found out" and I decided, that that was the actual hint. That way player had her share in developing story.

This is the web page my player showed for me:

Ok, I know that sounds a bit more like Werewolf than vampire, but there is that clan Gangrel what can also go into that profile, especially ancient one what is most definately inhuman. The most awesome and fascinating thing behind that link is texts last chapter:

Being very pleased with themselves, the gods carried Fenrir off and chained him to a rock (called Gioll) a mile down into the earth. They put a sword between his jaws to prevent him from biting. On the day of Ragnarok, Fenrir will break his chains and join the giants in their battle against the gods. He will seek out Odin and devour him. Vidar, Odin's son, will avenge his father by killing the wolf.

In that text, those other "gods" are vampires. As usually Methuselah are described to be hidden under the earth, that part also makes sense. "Sword between his jaws" can be also understood as "staked to torpor". Ragnarok will ofcourse be Ghenenna, vampiric armageddon where Methuselah rise from their hidden graves to feed on their offspring to the destruction of vampire race.
Odin and Vidar part of that mythology are still open for me, what they will represent in World of Darkness and vampire lore.

Still, I am quite excited of this "founding" how well random website can suit to story, or generally real old mythology of gods.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Horror in Vampire

I have always thought Vampire: the Masquerade as a horror game, but obviously the horror is different than in Mythos as actually players are "the" horrors themselves.

What is this "horror" then. Well, game states it as a roleplaying game of personal horror, what means, that as players themselves are vampires, they aren't supposed to be fighting great 'ol ones or such matters. They are monsters themselves.

There comes the twist of personal horror. As you are vampire, you are doomed. You cannot see or enjoy daylight anymore. Day by day, decade by decade your life around you withers and crumbles until it dies away in history. There is always more powerful being than you who might use you to his own agendas or kill you if you're face isn't good enough for him.

Those upper are obvious "themes" on vampire, but still, that personal horror is quite hard thing to handle.

Personal horror can easily turn to be angst making those Camarilla vampires bitch about how dark and meaningless their life is when they struggle to maintain their humanity. But what if you are monster long lost human morality and are in Sabbat? What is your personal horror then? Fear of Gehenna? You are ferosious beast and battle is your glory so you ain't scaring those Cammy in the other side of the field, your pack-mates can do you even worse. Do you scare your own sect if you aren't loyal? Do you know anything about being scared or any feelings anyways? You are beast what follows some creepy path anyways.

Personal horror is really hard thing to take in your World of Darkness campaigns, but it makes game a bit deeper. Something more than just kickin' enemies butts with neat superpowers. Personal horror in other hand taken too far just makes game angsting of vampires own misery.

This is a hard thing to get in games. Personal horror. It must be player's own agenda to find it for his character, not Storytellers. Of course ST is the one who makes the game and setting happen, but player is the soul for the character.

Paint your nails black, turn off lights and lit up candles. It is time for a story of blood, passion, loss, frenzy...

Designing game system

I like rpg's obviously, and like them more than just playing. My dream is to make my own gaming system. You know, like crafting something for own fun and hobby. I have had several tries to do something, but they all didn't work out. But now, I had this great idea of rpg-system what I want to do relly! I made it basically quite easy to develop and also flexible. Let me explain more.

For first, there is this basic and core of the game. Generic system, like GURPS for example (or D20/True20 in the way). For first I write the most basic of the basic rules for that game and then can add (what I call) templates to it when feel inspired or get ideas (not to mention time ofcourse).

For example, I got this basic rules for my game, but can make templates like Advanced fighting, mentality rules, magic rules etc. etc. aswell as settings, monsters, item lists... what ever I please! My main idea is flexible core-system, what you can develope, build and make expansions as much as you please.

I want also character creation to be flexible. There will be two options, dices or divide. You can randomly throw dices for stats and skills, or assign them as you please. Or mix the two methods (dices for stats but assign for skills or vice versa).

As I have lately played only game systems what need only one type of die (Prador D6, WoD D10, True20 D20 etc.) I wanted to add a bit of oldschool and gaming aspect and decided to use all dices between D4 to D20. What can be more fun than throw dices when rolePLAYING? Still, I want to keep things simple and fast, dices just give that nice extra flavour to game (still I think as rules are flexible for add-ons you can make it more complicated, if wanted).

I have this far sketched following:
  • Attributes (total 7 of them)
  • Skills system
  • Basic idea of game mechanics
  • Basic idea of character creation
  • Really really starting to figure out health system, but getting there
  • Basic idea of combat and damage
  • Idea of resolving tasks using skills and attributes
Generally, the frames for game are sketched already, now just need to start to write it out, get some testing for it first personally and after it share it with trusted people to try out also.

I hope this thing works out, because this system gives me flexibility and time, as I am not trying to make any 400-pages manual with setting and all, but making this one project from pieces, templates and add-ons.

I am quite excited about this!

And I also got name for it! Just don't share it yet.

Postman brought GURPS Cabal

Happened to buy Star Wars SAGA and Unknown Armies from one roleplaying game forum user and got GURPS: Monsters also free of charge (but as it was very nice act to give free stuff, I decided to pay him a bit extra what we originally agreed). In GURPS: Monsters there was advertisement of GURPS: Cabal what catched my eye.

I am not sure why I got interested of that book, but started to google it around and for example found review from rpg.net and got more fascinated of this product.

One sentence got my eye the most:
The Cabal is the conspiracy, trade union, and mutual-assistance society that lets all these creatures survive in a world of hostile humans. If a demon needs a lawyer to keep the exorcists off his back . . . or if a little old vampire lady needs a bit of daylight muscle . . . who are they gonna call? The mortal-busters . . . the Cabal.

I thought, that this book could suit very well for World of Darkness games and went through few rpg dealers, founding it for very reasonable price at Boostep. Ordered monday night, got it wednesday. Quite fast action there!

I haven't read yet the book, but browsed it quickly through to get first impression of the book.

For first, book looks neat, cover art is cool enough and well painted. A bit thin it is though, the book i mean. Reading the back cover of book doesn't show any hint of that cursived sentence I introduced earlier. From reviews I had impression, that Cabal is secret society of humans to help supernatural beings, but in this books back cover I find out, that Cabal is secret society of supernatural beings. First I was "what the heck", but cannot be sure before I read the sourcebook through. Still, sounds fishy and nothing like I thought.

Content seems to be ok. Easy enough to read. Artwork is most of the time ok, but biggest pictures between chapters look horrible, just like 80's/90's rpg books. Just horrible! There seems to be more text than actual game mechanics what is actually good as (if] I am going to use it on other game system than GURPS.

Basically it looks and feels ok, but cannot be sure before I read it through.

One funny thing got on my mind when flapping that book around. As everyone know, rpg culture has struggled in 90's for it's bad reputation and inaccurate accusations of Satan worshipping and other charming bullshit. But now there next to me lays book full of occultism, cabbalism, black magic, supernatural beings, secret societies and stuff... yet again.

"Welcome Cabal, you like my oWoD and nWoD collections. I'd like to introduce you for my friends All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Call of Cthulhu, Unknown Armies, Kult..."

Not related to this topic, but side note. If I don't like pointy-eared elves and chunky dwarves helping clueless hairy-feet to take some ring to lava, is it my problem? And majority yells "YES" and throws me with rotten tomatoes!

Vampire campaign

After a small break (half a year even) I kicked in a new Vampire: the Masquerade campaing few months ago where it last time ended.

Last campaing ended when chronicle's main character Angeline "Angelmoon" Callisto, a Toreador, was kidnapped from her town in USA and got dragged (shipped actually) to Iceland where she in the end destroyed his kidnappers (who were minions of Sabbat. Not worth of anything suppose, as one Torador whooped their butt). Iceland was divided in half of realm with another kindred, in post-text of campaing what player had free hands to write campaing out that other vampire was also destroyed and Angeline left alone.

This new campaing started from where last ended.

For first games main idea was loneliness and angst, but it started to feel a bit too much of anemic so as a Storyteller I "arranged" few Angeline's ex-coterie people from Night Speed Children to get into Iceland and join her in the isolated island. The whole coterie is not present there, as I "dropped" out the most annoying and useless membes of it and brought only important and interesting to join new campaing. Others of the coterie can lay where ever they are. Angelmoon the character, me as Storyteller or player cannot care more.

In the other hand, one of the most powerful and vicious npc in Camarilla Angelmoon (and quite few other) know has joined Iceland. Nosferatu primogen of Angelmoon's ex-city. Alec D'arc, the Nosferatu, never suited to Camarilla rules, but Sabbat is too strict to him. He is vicious and spreads his enjoyment of destruction, torture, terror and domination where ever he walks. But still player likes a lot of that npc and it is also my favourite. Even if it is bad news for characters that Alec is around, for players it is fun.

The drive of the game changed from angst to building Iceland's territory and realm and taking advantage of different "hotspots" in Iceland, to make it as good as possible for vampire-society and Angelmoon's coterie to live. Player himself is not that interested in this kind of political gaming so there is few obstacles. Usually "what I am supposed to do now" situations where player is unsure what his character should do next. Luckily there is his coterie of loyal npc's through which Storyteller (I) can carefully help player so she don't get stuck on anything and game goes on.

Basically this is normal Vampire set for us as it has always been. A little bit of action, lots of bullshit talking (between characters), a pinch of romance, a taste of violence and brimful of angst.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First entry

Today I started blog here. For my hobby of rpg's I have tried several different options to publish my stuff on internet and in time all of them have faded up. Usually maintaining websites is too heavy even if I have used templates to do that.

I have noticed, that several roleplaying gamers use blogs to publish their personal thoughts, to share information and introduce happenings. That was the basis of the idea for me to try out blogging.

Let's see what all I can do with that than just "diary-type thoughts to save". Would be cool ofcourse, if I could update for example my campaings here!

Must train and see how to use this in future.

Oh and might be worth to mention that my english is not perfect. I am foreigner ;)